Over 45,000 Holocaust survivors living in poverty in Israel
Ynet reporters
Published: 14.04.15, 09:31
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1. Start a campaign ...
robert ,   belgium   (04.14.15)
We should focus on the media, the politicians, artists and other known Israeli's to start a large campaign in Israel, informing the people about this problem and make them help financially but also in other ways, like visiting or inviting Holocaust survivors. We owe them that.
2. shoa survivors
Tswi Herschel ,   Tel Mond Israel   (04.14.15)
Every year before Jom Hashoa there are articles in the newspapers and talk shows on TV how bad the situation is of the shoa survivors in their own country, Israel. Our country, so mouthful of democracy, socialist principles and ultra-leftish thinking, descended so deep below any level that for years a week before Jom Hashoa the press writes about the terible situation of those in need and NOTHING has been done. Barriers of bureaucratic rules are put up so the ones in need are not receiving the allocated money for their daily life. They the survivors are sick and tired. Who cares of the diseases is causal with their suffering from the WWII. They are survivors and suffer. A week after Jom Hashoa all is forgotten till next year. SHAME ON THE ISRAELI SOCIETY Tswi Herschel, shoa survivor
3. Teach your children NOW to care..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.14.15)
for your elderly like the religious society do,and you will not increase in a few years the number of abandoned elderly. Most of the survivors have children,grand-children and grand-grand-children.Where are they?Why don;t they visit and do the shopping and cleaning ? One of the ten commandments is:Honour your father and your mother. So,they should have at least the same standard of living as yours.
4. Holocaust survivors poverty
Joseph Charlap ,   Israel   (04.14.15)
This is nothing short of scandalous and even more so knowing that the government gives handouts to the Yeshiva students just because they study and nothing else. All the money given to the yeshivot should be taken away and given to those who deserve it most - the holocaust survivors.
5. Hard Decisions
Zechariah   (04.14.15)
Clearly the Holocaust Museums ought be doing much more for the remaining Holocaust survivors and remember them after the death.They were put often in Terrible situations .If one tenth of the donations to the museums went to Shoah survivors in dire physical and mental health need this is in my view very just.
6. Shame!
Jerry ,   Boston, MA   (06.15.15)
They should be treated like gold because with them, there would be no Israel. The roots of this scandal -- how did the millions from the conference get spent??--have to be yanked out and the perpetrators accused and punished. In the meantime what do we do about this shameful, shameful situation?
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