Tel Aviv light rail works expected to begin in the summer
Gilad Morag, Hillel Posek
Published: 18.04.15, 21:57
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1. Ought be underground double as nuclear shelter
Zechariah   (04.18.15)
Israel has to get serious re threats out to 2100 with a Strong Shoah Consciousness .That means half the Budget to the Military but Providing jobs enmasse with Reasonable also Means Massive Survivalism Plans .
2. 1
zionist forever   (04.19.15)
Underground cost about 10 times more, takes much longer to do and subway tunnels can't be used as nuclear shelters, traditional bomb shelters yet but nuclear no and we already have plenty of public bomb shelters. Halving the millitary budget which has already been reduced to its bare bones so we can build a subway when a light rail which will do the same job and can be built for a fraction of the price. Subway tunnels won't protect us from terrorists or wars but the military will if they have the money for equipment they need.
3. And that connection is paramount because......????!!!!!!!!!!
Tel Aviv should've been provided with subway tens of years ago; hell: the whole of tiny Israel could have been equipped with underground instead of cumbersome "light rail". As of yet we don't even have proper train system. All because of Bolshevik politics....
4. the light rail is already behind
zionist forever   (04.19.15)
The project was supposed have have started the first stage years ago and be on at least the second stage by 2021. With a target date of 2021 considering Israel's record on major construction projects will be more like 2030 especially considering Jerusalem was years late and millions over budget and that is not even going to be anything like as complicated as Tel Aviv will be. If its over budget the government may decide that they will cancel plans for stage 2 & beyond because of cost. Need to get the Chinese to do it, put them in charge the whole thing will be built on time and on budget because the Chinese are experts at big projects whilst Israel is awful.
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