IDF indicts three soldiers for looting homes in Gaza
Yoav Zitun
Published: 26.04.15, 17:47
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1. Enough already!! No more 'investigations.'
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.26.15)
Hamas started a war. Israel responded. Innocent people die in war. Had Hamas NOT launched thousands of rockets and mortars at Israel, not one Gazan would be dead. Not one. Israelis are not the culprits here, so never forget that as you throw the book at some poor IDFer. Shame on Israel for scapegoating some of its own soldiers when none of this would have happened had Hamas cared about its own people more than trying to inflict death on Israel. Is the USA going to agonize over the death of the American Jew who was killed in the drone attack? Is an investigation going to be demanded? Will soldiers have their careers ended by this search for a scapegoat? No, no, and no. People die in wars and there's nothing to be done about it except to end them as quickly as possible. That's why, when Hamas starts up again, Israel must return the gesture 10 fold. The bad guys must know they can never win. sooner or later, their own people will demand change and hamas will be history. Until then, no more scapegoating Israeli actions when jihadist psychopaths are at fault for starting the trouble.
2. Why anyone would want to join
Ralph   (04.26.15)
an army where the enemy is always right even during wartime, is beyond my understanding. Now I understand why the smart religious Jews would not join.
3. investigations
Rosie   (04.27.15)
Stop investigating soldiers!!! Shame on an Army that prosecutes its soldiers and commanders who risk their lives to protect the country. Look how many draft dodgers (both haredim and radical left) enjoy themselves while these boys go through so much hardship and risk their lives so the prosecutors in air-conditioned offices can think whether to press charges or not. Enough is enough! Prosecute dodgers, not soldiers!!! Soldiers MUST be rewarded.
4. Stealing is wrong. Period!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.27.15)
A defense lawyer claimed that: "...The decision to charge him is bizarre in light of the fact that he was unaware he was committing an offense at the time." That is a load of BS! He didn't know that stealing is wrong?!? Utterly untrue. Investigating common crime is one of the reasons that the IDF is a highly respected army is *because* we stand for honesty and decent behaviour. No rape, no theft, no murder even in war. Keep it up IDF. Remain true to Israel's moral values.
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