Ethiopians protest racist attack, clash with police: 'Israel will be like Baltimore'
Omri Efraim
Published: 30.04.15, 21:56
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1. Fire the inspectors!!
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.30.15)
There is no excuse for an assault of this nature, illegal immigrant or not. This is racial profiling and has no place in Israel. The inspectors might as well have been wearing swasticas! How dare they call themselves Jews with behaviour like that.
2. Israeli officials attaack Ethiopian
Luke Anderson ,   NYC, USA   (04.30.15)
No one trusts what the Israeli govt. says. They lie all the time. They are a very racist and have many anti gentile laws.
The police here leave a lot to be desired ,they are often amateur and ciolent ,and they believe that the public are there in order to serve them ,the police ,rather than the police serve the public. Regrettably ,there are too many bad apples and racist cops.
4. Stand up for your right my dear friends
Dovdevan ,   Ashdod,israel   (04.30.15)
The israeli society is rude as a new immigrant from france who know very well israel since my childood some people are racist , The governement did the same mistakes it made with the misrahim 40 years ago but what is sad is that those who suffered then from racism are racist today so you have to struggle to get your right and get The place you deserve in this country !!
5. the truth is...
Peacemaker   (05.01.15)
Jerusalem is not like Baltimore, Eritrea or Ethiopia. Is an expensive jewish city and many young ethiopians just come to work here to earn bether salaries but they dont have a big ethiopian community like the israeli - arabs have. shabat shalom
6. Ynet? Minority???
Am Haaretz ,   Israel   (05.01.15)
Dear journalist, the people protesting yesterday are not Ethiopeans but Israelis. Can you please correct that in your article? Thank you.
7. the occult bursts to overt
ddror ,   jerusalem   (05.01.15)
there is no doubt that the israeli goverment and society is very neglegent towards ethiopian jews.this is seen by the footage.even they couldnot pay a respect to the military uniform..i hope we are not in south africa!liquid authorities donot show up. we stupids gave them our vote.we should say, down with liquid party!!
8. My Brothers....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.01.15)
Don't feel so special...Israeli Police are equally brutal to others too!
9. you are right #6 they are Israelis
Adler J   (05.01.15)
History: Mission "Operation Wings of Eagles"- jews from Yemen were airlifted to Israel in 1949 by PMinister David Ben Gurion. Ethiopian jews came from Sudan in 1984 during Shimon Peres and in 1991 thanks to the Israel Defense Force and the Republican President of U.S. then, George Bush
10. Ethiopian/Israelis
rbockman ,   Philly   (05.01.15)
This should come under the banner, "no good deed, goes unpunished", or "dog bites hand that feeds it", rescued from Africa, they now attack the rescuer.
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