High Court rejects petition to change Jerusalem parade route
Published: 12.05.15, 11:44
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1. Jerusalem Day
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (05.12.15)
People throw stones at the police and other people walking or driving past every day - so why stop the Jerusalem celebrations!!!
2. Court correct, NGO Hypocrisy
Ben ,   Galus   (05.12.15)
When they route a gay parade through the chareidi neighborhood, these NGO's say the country belongs to the State and not Hashem. When they route a State parade in the capitol city, suddenly it belongs to Allah's people and not the State. Same NGO's. Can we please get these criminal troublemakers out of the country and confiscate their foreign funding?
3. Jerusalem Day parade
Jerusalem lover ,   USA   (05.12.15)
Jerusalem is Jewish Israel's eternal capitol! Many Jewish lives and businesses were disrupted to make it a reality. Let the Muslims and their ngo enablers learn this, deal with this reality.
4. Ben ur ignorance is showing...
but then again that's because you live in "galus" The Gay parade has never gone thru a chareidi fact there were several years when the parade was cancelled because of threats made by the chareidi community. Those threats were financially supported by foreign I think that you are correct...let's confiscate ALL foreign funding...then the freeloading screaming chareidim will move back to GALUS! where they can be ignorant with you.
5. @3 u r aware that there are non-Jewish Israelis...
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (05.12.15)
yes my friend...there are Druze, Beduoin, Circassians, Subbotniks, Christians, and Muslims -- all of them are not JEWISH and they are citizens of the State of Israel. The Druze, Beduoin, Circassian, Christians and Subbotniks all serve in the army. By law the Muslims are exempt from military service. So my friend as an Israeli living in Israel thank you for loving Jerusalem now go learn loving kindness towards all of Israel's citizens.
6. An Affirmation of israel's position
James   (05.12.15)
Palestinians are 2nd class citizens that are to be subjugated, harassed and life made miserable by the ruling jewish regime. Until they leave or driving out of their homeland.
7. jerusalem day march-parade
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.12.15)
if arabs are violent, treat them back with violence-shoot to kill, ask questions later
8. Go matching, go matching, go matching
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