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Israeli technology offers solutions to future agricultural problems
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Published: 15.05.15, 23:01
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1. Innovation aside ...
Devorah   (05.18.15)
What is the point in feeding the masses if you're going to kill them with GMOs? Or is that the intention? It certainly seems that way with Monsanto, Sygenta, Dow, etc. And it also seems that way with Bill Gates and his population-reducing vaccines. Unless you are eating organic, you are eating poison. Period.
2. Great Israeli inventiveness. ALso organic uses pesticides...
Bob K ,   Orlando FL USA   (05.20.15)
Again we read about Israel's phenomenal contributions to agriculture, medicine, software development and more. Inventing or developing what you need when you don't have it - 'necessity is the mother of invention' as we know. I believe that organic food growers used some pesticides it is in lower levels and hopefully safer. I find organic food tastier but often cannot afford it, that needs innovation - cheaper organic food. Maybe Israel will help there too.
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