US special forces kill senior ISIS commander in Syria raid
AP, Reuters
Published: 16.05.15, 16:02
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1. Good job!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.16.15)
Hope they all get dead ASAP.
2. Excellent
Cameron ,   USA   (05.16.15)
A building full of IS trash now rubbed out, and primary target nailed. Precision raids when deemed necessary.
3. bomb their oil fields
both isis and assad benefit from these oil fields.
4. U.S. commandos - it's about time
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.16.15)
you got the lead out of pants. Good show!
5. Might be Impeachable
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.17.15)
Congress will examine the raid carefully. They may look to impeach Obama for it. Impossible to tell. US ground troops are not supposed to be involved in Syria. Republicans will look for any excuse, even a successful operation.
6. Impeachable ???
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.17.15)
I don't think so, G-d knows obama's already has a list a mile long of his 'impeachable' offenses.
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