Netanyahu to Ethiopian community: No place for racism in Israel
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 17.05.15, 14:42
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1. By the same toke n he should have zero tolerance for the
force of Earth's gravitational pull....Nothing bring about brotherly love as yet another committee! Bravo Bibi!
2. Racism has no place in peoples minds
DOV ,   USA   (05.17.15)
3. Does 0 tolerance for racism include secular again haredim?
4. Yet another Netanyahu Ministerial Committee
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.17.15)
How does a Ministerial Committee eradicate racism ? Netanyahu is still managing to fool ALL the people ALL the time
5. Political BS ,...
split   (05.17.15)
You have to change people's hearts not to create another layer of bureaucracy with five digit monthly salary reserved for your buddies as payback ,...
6. If there is no place for racism in Israel...
Harri ,   EU   (05.18.15)
... Let Palestinians have their right of return, like Jews have aliyah.
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