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Video footage shows Syrian army using barrel bomb
Reuters, Alex Fishman
Published: 21.05.15, 13:01
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1. Are you serious?
Capitan Adler   (05.21.15)
Monitoring the situation my ass! those allegued inspectors are waiting to receive permission from who? from Syria Government while Daesh terrorists conquered Palmyra? Allies need to create a protector shield in Palmyra, that place was an strategic road thousands of years ago. Daesh is primitive. Are you going to let them win? i dont think so!!
2. It's hard to know
steve from raleigh   (05.21.15)
Who's side Ynet is on. I suppose you'll have to find a way either to blame it on Bibi or embrace it.
3. antisemitic reuters and fellow "Y" travelers
Yanni   (05.21.15)
Hand in hand they lie. Assad is the greatest terror fighter in the world today, a true leader, worth a thousand deliberate war losing Bibi/Booboos.
4. And Hillary would say....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.21.15)
What does it matter now?
5. This is All tehran's theocracy who is pulling
The strings.
6. but it's ok to let the invaders pillage and mass murder...
7. Assad, his patrons are psychopaths
C   (05.21.15)
as long as obama refuses to make rational decisions regarding the situation in syria iraq, very large numbers of people will continue to die and the strategic posture for the us and its allies will become untenable. obama's idea of making deals with the genocidal totalitarian terror regime of iran is contrary to civilised norms. iran is a premier state sponsor of terror and it incites to genocide of the jewish state of israel. iran is also responsible for the deaths of and kidnapping of many americans and other westerners. the rise of the islamic state is a direct result of obama's cuddling of the shia terror regime while that regime participates in the slaughter of sunni civilians in syria and iraq.
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