IAF strikes Gaza targets in response to rocket fire
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun, Itay Blumenthal, Elior Levy, Moran Azulay
Published: 27.05.15, 08:04
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1. Good to hear that Hamas understands the usual consequences
Alan ,   SA   (05.26.15)
Like a mid night IAF Apache attack on a open field or football pitch.
2. Obama's beloved pets are practicing
CJK   (05.26.15)
obama refuses to acknowledge that jew hatred is often genocidal in intent. obama refuses to acknowledge that the islamic state is winning or that it is islamic. obama refuses to acknowledge that iran's shia terror regime will never give up its quest for nuclear weapons. obama refuses to acknowledge that the creation of a new arab palestinian state will lead to endless bloodshed. the europeans are following obama and his delusions like robots. the europeans believe that throwing the jews to the mad islamists will save them from islamic terror. the europeans have been throwing the jews to the mad rabid wolves for millennia.
3. No shit, really? Doesn't look that way.Soon we'll be issuing
yet another barrage of "warnings", while they'll be sending barrages of rockets. "Circle of violence" it is called, I believe? :-)) Aren't we pathetic?
4. crossing in Gaza open, Bibi shows "eagerness"
rachel ,   here   (05.27.15)
To EU.....and the people of Israel get More knife/car/? Attacks AND the addition of returned rocket attacks. WHEN will we get a govt that will PROTECT the RIGHTS of the citizens of this State to LIFE?
5. bibi
hymie   (05.27.15)
bibi only won the pm job because herzog was a wimp and livni -an olmert ignoramus. Likud should have throw him out a long time ago. His performance in gaza stunk of cowardice the way he raced to a ceasefire. Bennett, feiglin, are the fighting jews whereas the haaretz brigade of peaceniks are oven jews-cowering. LEIEBERMAN is correct in saying bibi is inviting rocket attacks hamas knowing that he will not respond. This same bibi runs around begging US to deal with iran cause he has no guts to take them on himself. Check his war record and you will find out why he panics and is so scared.
6. Pity they didn't fall yet on Bruxelles so apt at
ab   (05.27.15)
condemning Israel
7. Wait until Hamas RETURNS to their 'offices'
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.26.15)
Don't waste bombs on empty buildings. Wait a few days until they return to their offices and then blast them to smithereens. It's just dumb luck (or the hand of G-d) that these random rockets haven't had a direct hit an an apartment house or a school. Don't wait for that to happen before you let Hamas know these attacks are terminal to their health. In a few day's time, when Hamas thinks Israel isn't going to do anything and orders all their soldiers back into their offices, then go and beat the tar out of them. Every Hamas member must know that sitting in ANY Hamas office is a free ticket to the afterlife.
8. The launching rockets means summer is here
Essie HaKohane ,   USA   (05.27.15)
Ah the sounds of rockets. The beginning of summer. Won't Hamas ever learn that the more they launch, the more their people suffer. How many more more villages must the Israelis flatten until Hamas learns the futility of these violent acts. Maybe the next city that should be targeted is Gaza.
9. whooops, what happened to the Iron dome?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.27.15)
looks like the IDF was sleeping...
10. Social Media from Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.27.15)
Saying the same thing This a Rogue Rocket but from DIRECT ORDERS issued by Erdogans New Bestest Buddy Mashaal to Dieff so that 'we can remind Gaza WHO IS IN CHARGE' For any even casual observer of Gaza this looks as if it has got Mashaals filthy slimy blood soaked hand prints all over it And Erdogan continues to provide lavish hospitality to that creep while Gaza YET AGAIN takes the consequences And WHY WHY WHY are UNWRA who purportedly look after the interests of ordinary Gazans SHAMEFULLY NOT making ANY uncompromising censure of these attacks that invite reprisal and condemn Gaza to another cycle of destruction
11. Bring Obama and the UN over to fight them
12. "We hold Hamas responsible for everything that happens in th
Dave   (05.27.15)
"We hold Hamas responsible for everything that happens in the Strip." What an idiotic statement. Hamas and Fatah terrorists care as much as ISIS who couldn't care less about responsibility shponsibility.
13. If Buji had become PM he'd have hidden under his blanket
Dave   (05.27.15)
and not know what to do as not to offend Obama. Thank Heaven for Bibi as PM.
14. Destroy the terrorists!
Tim ,   Recife   (05.27.15)
IAF should destroy all those terrorists in Gaza that attack civilians. Killing innocent people, that have nothing to see with a military conflict, is despicable. Let's support the IDF in its war against these terrorists.
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