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Jenna Jameson is converting to Judaism
B. Shane Morganstein
Published: 13.06.15, 22:30
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1. who's Judasim? who would want her?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (06.14.15)
You got to be kidding this obscene women would want to convert? What Jewish group would want her? I can't believe any respectable Jewish group would want a disgusting porn queen in their midst. She is probably acting Jewish to snatch this stupid Israeli idiot and impress his dumb family.
2. Good for her. Why shouldn't she find happiness?
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.14.15)
What she did in the past is in the past. Forget it and move on. If this guy is on the level, I wish them years of happiness together. Welcome to the family. And if anyone dare say she isn't 'good enough' to be a Jew, just take a gander at the folks in the Knesset. Jenna WORKED her whole life. The slimeballs in the Knesset live off the political gravy train without EARNING a shekel.
3. I missed her films... until now...oh well.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.13.15)
4. We take them as they come(pun intended)
5. Finally, Judaism gets the followers it deserves!
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (06.14.15)
You really have to have a sophisticated mind to understand the convoluted logic of the religion of the blameless benevolent victims.
6. #1 Larry LA: Judaism doesn't want u in our midst!
Israeli-American Jew ,   Israel   (06.14.15)
Your holier-than-thou, ignorant, arrogant and judgmental superior, sanctimonious attitude would reflect badly on Judaism if your were in thier midst -- which you are not, regardless of what you anonymously and falsely claim.
7. she's happy, her fiance is happy....good for them!
just saying ,   Israel   (06.14.15)
and to all of you out there thinking this is a problem...well when you get to heaven take it up with G-d!
8. #5 Yo, "Avi", start using your real name: Youssuf. Tnx.
9. If she'll go through a real Jewish conversion
Chaim   (06.15.15)
(not reform or conservative) she might still become pretty one day. Right now she's anything but that physically and, of course, spiritually.
10. Lashon Hara
Eli ,   London UK   (06.15.15)
I thought that ynet was a religious website. It is clearly forbidden in the chofetz chaim to mention somebody's past sins, especially if they have repented from them. Most people would never have known who she was if not for your article. Furthermore, you are putting a stumbling block before the blind by tempting people to google pornography on the internet!
11. Good for her......
Froike ,   US NYC   (06.15.15)
12. wall-hitting women....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (06.16.15)
....who have texpired past any options to mate with Alpha Males, invent a million mental rationalizations as to why they now want to "settle down" with a "nice guy". The poor beta schlubnik "nice guy" - who has low self-esteem - thinks it's the best he can do - to tie himself to a high-mileage, heavily-damaged older woman. Perfect for each other!
13. Well..that's a change!
Imus Koose Helois ,   NY US   (06.16.15)
Jenna Jameson...I have a friend that did a movie with her! He said she had the whitest teeth he ever came across.
14. Best of luck.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (06.16.15)
I think she should get rid the tattoo of the one way sign pointing to her hooha that says, "next please".
15. Chris#3.....
Froike ,   NY US   (06.16.15) would have liked the films! They all have happy endings!
16. Let's hope she doesn't blow this one! (pun intended)
17. We need all the new Jews we can get
Alan ,   SA   (06.21.15)
18. lol
ametist ,   Romania   (06.26.15)
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (07.01.15)
So, Jenna plans to marry the insurance fraudster and crook Bitton. This thief should have been sent packing back to Israel to practice his jewelry crimes. This relationship is cluttered with clich├ęs and the best being that the Jewish dominated porn industry which has contributed significantly to the rot in American society is now getting the favor returned with Jenna's so-called conversion. Check back in a year or so and see how much kosher meat she's cooking then.
20. True Believers
J.Leon Kwalwasser ,   Santa Monica, USA   (07.06.15)
Jenna's conversion is the one great opportunity to make some Orthodox Jews believers.
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