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At least 63 dead in day marred by international terror
Reuters, Associated Press
Published: 26.06.15, 21:31
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1. I posted before that Ramadan is a Muslim occasion to commit
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.26.15)
unspeakable and horrendous massacres.
2. It's just a prelude to the beaches of Cannes &St.Tropez!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.27.15)
Why do you think is that? Almost all the attackers have had problems with law and violence. It is simple. It is a magnet for violent lovers. It is very easy to convert to Islam. You just need to phrase a few sentences and there you are. Ready for virgins. The teaching of this ideology is the problem.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.27.15)
How heroic are you if you are shooting unarmed people? What a useless cult. This is a cult and not an ideology.
5. Islam is a joke.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (06.27.15)
All the PC'd western press outlets (including this one) ran some sort of story like, "Yay, Ramadan is here, turn to page 7 to learn how to make the tasty baklawa just like mom used to make!" as if we're all Muslims or care at all. When are the supposedly freedom-loving and free speech-advocating western outlets finally going to throw down the gauntlet & demand some accounting from this faith and its adherents to get with the 21st century and stop butchering everyone when they don't get their way? I see a cult of death masquerading as a religion and western liberal media outlets seem terrified of criticizing it.
6. Europe better wake up
CJK   (06.27.15)
europe needs to stop cuddling the jihadists under the guise of human rights before the jihadists commit more acts of terror.
7. WWIII has already started
Marek ,   Praha, CZ   (06.27.15)
Somebody is typing peacefully on his PC, another is killed during his holidays.... This is no more local conflict around Israel. And Jews are pioneers in facing this threat. I wish Tunisia, that beautiful country strenght and wisdom.
8. Re #1 & #7
Christy ,   Boston, US   (06.28.15)
Read this information on a European News-websites (ones that took comments from readers): #1 About Ramadan Read that ISIS leaders told their followers to kill the infidels during Ramadan. They were promised special rewards in paradise for doing this during Ramadan. They seem to consider other Muslims as non-believers as witnessed by the attack in Kuwait. Guess the Muslims in Kuwait aren't the 'right type' of Muslims as far as ISIS are concerned. #7 WW3 Saw lots of comments on various European Sites from people expressing this same viewpoint. Frustration was also expressed that Western (and Arab) leaders aren't treating it as the war it is.
9. the most horriable thing to see is iggnorance in action
PARTNER PC ,   reality truthsfulll   (06.30.15)
looks like the americans are giving the terriost confifence this is not israels problem if terreriost attack on dec 7 1941 america woke looks like they are going to need a repeat towake them up
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