Ya'alon: Protecting Syrian Druze is condition of Israeli aid to rebels
Published: 29.06.15, 17:22
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1. no question that the June 22 Druze riots & lynching
Rafi ,   US   (06.29.15)
... did NOT help their cause in Israel or elsewhere. Israelis will now be doubly cautious before considering any involvement in the Syrian conflict - including on behalf of the Druze. It's also hard to see how lynching of Syrian "rebels" taken from IDF ambulances would not further inflame Sunni radical enemies of the Druze in Syria - thereby further endangering their cousins in Syria. This is what happens when 'hot heads' take control of events. Druze elders should know better and take charge.
2. Let the Druze of Lebanon race to the rescue
Cameron ,   USA   (06.29.15)
They were armed and active enough during their own civil war years. Their kin & brethren, their responsibility.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.30.15)
The real problems that Arabs have in or with Israel is very complicated. However if the majority of the public could trust them, then maybe a PALESTINE would have been possible. The problem is that their radicals are too bent on ruling with force and Sharia law. Israelis would warm up to them if they felt safe. Their pride and their fanatics tells them to fight a losing war and become a victim. Druze are good, but mostly not loyal to the state of Israel out of pride or embarrassment in front of other Muslims. They would rather have ISIS control them and torture them, but not admit that Israel could be a better place if they tried harder to like it. Again their cult like ideology keeps them away from growign with Israel. Too sad!
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