Video of Jerusalem gay couple makes headlines worldwide
Published: 12.08.15, 12:34
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1. another arrogant claim..
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.12.15) addition to the most moral army in the world. We are the greatest !!!!
2. This is a religious issue, not an Israeli one
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (08.12.15)
Regardless of whether you are in Israel, homophobia stems from its demonisation in the main monotheistic reglions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. If they had gone through the Armenian quarter or Muslim quarter (areas) of Jerusalem, then it would have been at least as bad. You try walking through an Arab town in Israel like that, you'd be running, not walking. This is not to excuse the disgusting, ignorant and homophobic comments and slurs by the great unwashed Jerusalemites. However, before we and the world, find yet another stick to beat Israel with, if this couple walked through any Arab/Muslim country, they'd be strung up or stoned on the spot. Furthermore, there are still vastly homophobic swathes of the population in the most modern and forward-thinking Western countries, it's not limited to Israel. Finally, it wasn't long ago, and it's still plausible now, that this behaviour would be as common place in every major capital city in Western Europe and beyond.
3. Huffington Post is not a news site
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (08.12.15)
It's a tabloid like TMZ. They most a similar video about a woman walking around NY & how she experienced men coming on to her & making sexist remarks. Who knows how much was real & how much was set-up? Jerusalem is known for being a religious city & the religious are against homosexuality. But that doesn't mean most Israelis or even most Jerusalemites are homophobic.
4. Israel, the new Iran or has it aways been....!
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (08.12.15)
5. Staged Propaganda !
Yisrael of Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem , ISRAEL   (08.12.15)
As if we needed another example of YNET slagging Israel and blackening its reputation, not to mention feeding the insatiable appetite of all those who hate us ! It is clear from the video that most of it was edited out ! Why ? Because there was no reaction at all from bystanders ! How about running the whole video ? I bet we will see 2 hours of nothing along with 10 minutes of abuse by morons. Shame on you !!
6. Homophobia in Jerusalem?
tiki ,   belgium   (08.12.15)
After watching this video three times I saw a few ARAB kids making nasty comments and (religious) Jews 'just looking. No violence, no nasty Jewish comments, so the claim by the always nasty & hypocritical International media about homophobia in Jerusalem is grossly overrated as are most of their comments about Israel. It's time for this international media to look & comment about the behaviour in their own back yards when religious Jews in their Chasidic outfits walk the streets. They get abused and not only in words!
7. It does NOT represnt Israel as a countrey at all...
Tom ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (08.12.15)
That's truly awful. However, I think that bc of the fact that Jerusalem is a religous city an they walked in religous streets, u can understand why that happened and that's not representive to Israel as a country what so ever or to its citizens.What would have happen if this couple would have done the same things in the Vatican? Also, as a gay man, I can tell you that I have kissed in Jerusalem and nothing happened, so while this is honestly horifying and should not happened, it's not represntive to all the people who live in Jeruslaem either. But, I do think that this is awful and that people should rethink about their values and I think that we, as a society need to do a lot of think so comments like those will not be heard AT ALL... There is a lot of work needs to be done and it will not be easy to do it, but it is possible. Good luck to us.
8. i think that we need to let the people to be what they want
haia ,   israel   (08.12.15)
let the people to be what they want, what is relevant for us what they do with their life, why we need to ungry ,can be that i dont like but that doesnt mean that that disturb me, is their life and desition , and is likeable that they can show that in a free way , and not to hide that, is just them ,let them to live in peace , they are more good than a lot of people that is not gay, so stop with the homophobia, they are likeable, and zheu
9. "Sticks and stones may break my bones"
Jake   (08.12.15)
And that's what you'd be seeing if this clip had been filmed in an Arab neighborhood, town or country.
10. Abomination of desolation
Because how can two men replenish the earth? Or how can two women replenish the earth? Surrogacy and all that just made things too complicated that some sort everybody choices matters to family life. If they chose back door to family life and others too chose straight to that family life there's nothing to screaming about that their way not accepted. And don't tell me two men in relationship is not creating family life!!!
11. Dress and manners
Dave ,   Colombia   (08.13.15)
I´ve walk lot with my partner and no one cared. Lots of young arabas walk the sam holding hands and no one wonders. This video shows to guys looking for nasty response, not the they deserve, they just got what they asked for. Nothing new. In a city where you can see mens in silk pajamas and mens with dead animals for hats, women cover head to toe in black and lots wearing green clothes and armed walking among those and nothing happen THAT´S THE REALITY TO BE AMAZED IN JRSLM
12. homosexuals in Jerusalem
Linda Bell ,   Scotland   (08.13.15)
A minority of the world's population support deviant behaviour such as homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenders. The majority of the world's population doesn't. The majority are ignored for the sake of the minority.
13. Gays in Jerusalem
Max Blackston ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.15)
This is a conservative and traditional city, which - apart from the annual LGBT parade which is generally avoided by those whose sensibilities it offends - does not often see such extravagant displays of what many people are still entitled to view as non-normative behavior. It is therefore not surprising that there was some reaction - heads turning, shouts from the less well-educated, etc. The couple attracted no more attention and suffered no greater level of abuse than any other unusual - and to some, still unacceptable - behavior would have done. Tolerance is a two-way street.
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