Arab, Jewish protesters clash outside Ashkelon hospital
Hassan Shaalan, Matan Tzuri
Published: 12.08.15, 20:12
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1. how come
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.12.15)
How come this protest gets rough and police intervene, yet when Jews go up to Har HaBayit, the police do not stop the Arabs from hurling insults and eggs? Answer: the police are afraid to start up with Arabs, but love punching the hell out of Jews since the Liberal press loves it. It makes them feel goooooood to see a Jew get mishandled (unless it is a leftie or gay).
2. who wants it more?
mark   (08.13.15)
Yes we know the so called palesitnian arabs are a ruse to get theworld to help the arabs reverse the nakba, now backed up by kameinei. But who wants it more- the arabs or the israei jews and druse? We have bibi wanting calm for calm and scared of his shoelaces. Now yaalonn orders the idf not to even fire at the legs cause bibi doesn't want to provoke an intifida in the wake of the arab deaths. YOu have haredi, some settlers running to the idf after having been beaten and stabbed.On the other side you have arabs surrounding jews eveyrthwere on the mount, at the side of the road and beating the hell out of israelis. Meanwhile livni herzog and lapid have fancy meals at conventions and offer concessions Guess what- the arabs want it more. So maybe the jews should pack up and move to new york. Of course, herzog and livni will arange for the transfer of jews cause of herzog's wonderful relation with obama. Jews,stiffen your spine, go out there and take them on. and bring whatever you need.
3. When will Israel repatriate all non Jews from Israel?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (08.13.15)
They don't belong in Israel they are Israel's enemies and MUST be removed from the Jewish Homeland, Israel. Just a matter of time and, they will move. KEEP BUILDING MORE JEWS ARE COMING !!
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