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Dutch Holocaust survivors assaulted
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.09.15, 22:58
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1. The western countries are on their...
Beary White ,   norway   (09.06.15)
..way to self-destruct. The wave of islamic-cult-members will destroy the civilization from with-in and horror and death will be the rude awakening ... The only way to survive is to delegitimize islam.
2. Vicious criminals
Benji ,   US   (09.07.15)
They can cover their faces but left fingerprint and DNA evidence at the scene. Likely someone familiar with the lifestyle and habits of this couple to know they had valuable jewelry.
3. This is UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.06.15)
4. I am speechless. I have no words...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.07.15)
5. Kopgeld
Holland - Westerbork   (09.07.15)
Dutch bounty hunters preyed on Jews during Holocaust. By the end of WWII the men were paid the equivalent of eight times a week’s pay for unskilled laborers. The bounty hunters were paid by authorities five guldens (kopgeld) for every Jew they brought in, the equivalent of a week’s pay for unskilled laborers. The authorities raised the bounty to 7.5 and later to 40 guldens toward the end of World War II.
6. Dutch Holocaust survivors assaulted
David ,   Germany   (09.07.15)
Not one word mentioned in the German press!! I guess that they are too busy reporting about the immigrants pouring into the country. Also no mention that the majority are not Jewish or Christian!! The problems have just started!! Stupid politicians and a one sided press!!
7. what comes around goes around
fazi   (09.07.15)
jewish defense needs to find the pepetrators.
8. visiting Amsterdam
Robin Benoff ,   Teaneck ,NJ USA   (09.07.15)
The end of visiting Nerherlands
9.  Welcome to the Caliphate.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (09.07.15)
The Muslims have accomplished what the Nazis couldn't...They will make Europe Judenrein!
10. Holocaust survivors attacked
Marsha Roseman ,   Los Angeles USA   (09.07.15)
All you Liberal Jews, Wake Up! The tide is turning again against the Jewish people. Your bleeding hearts that want to Help the refugees, don't you realize they are all Jew haters. Now they are taking over Europe. Good thing Bibi won't let them into Israel
11. # 5 ,...
split   (09.07.15)
There must be a reason why they have done it if that's the fact - Can you elaborate on it, please ,...
12. Criminals described as Arabs
Benji ,   US   (09.07.15)
Other news sources reported the criminals appeared to be of Moroccan descent and there's apparently a description of them. Please post their description as readers may be able to identify them.
13. I wonder...were the attackers ethnic Dutch
Binnen D Kutje ,   New Amsterdam   (09.14.15)
or the New Immigrants from North Africa? Where's Kurt Wilders when we need him?
14. "Amsterdam police distributed a description of attackers"
jack bauer   (09.14.15)
so where is the description ynet? funny how when i check on israelnationalnews there is a description of the moroccan perpatrators
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