Clashes break out on Temple Mount on eve of Rosh Hashanah
Roi Yanovsky, Elior Levy
Published: 13.09.15, 09:42
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1. IAF strike
Chris fallon ,   USA   (09.13.15)
It must be done
2. Remove Al-Aqsa Mosque and all Muslim from Temple Mount
Hero ,   Brazil   (09.14.15)
Its time to blow up the Al-Aqsa mosque, Jewish need peace in his own temple
3. There wouldn't be Arab riots if
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (09.13.15)
Israel takes back Temple Mount and builds the third temple. It's coming..... KEEP BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL !!
4. israeli are dellusional, they forgot ( or pretent
James USA   (09.13.15)
to have forgotten) that israelis are really europen squatters. Who happen to practice Judaism. There is no historical connection to short, insignificant Hebrew kingdom. Delusions!
5. Is Barghouti converting to Judaism?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.14.15)
Anyone see his shallow, hollow, cringing interview on Al Jazeera about the violence on Temple Mount? Like some sort of automaton he reckons that by simply repeating and repeating his favourite rants - Israel is Apartheid, Israel is Racist with no basis in fact somehow he will appear credible But in this latest rant..the poor unthinking blabber mouth adds 'And would even stop me from wanting to pray at the Western Wall' So have we uncovered live on TV a secret convert or a Jewish spy? In all the interviews, speeches of his Ive heard they have all been predicated on theatrics and drama and nothing on SUBSTANCE ....improving Tourism? improving Agriculture? improving access to Israeli markets and tendering, supporting cultural and arts and creative industries..... Any reason? Probably because he hasn't a clue
6. Comment on "Clashes on Temple Mount"
Ernest Apler ,   Germany   (09.13.15)
It looks like the Status Quo is the worst solution that exist. What our politicians think they are doing? To lead our Country in an even worse situation than it is? Would not the Annexation be the best solution?
7. what a surprise! Abbas condemns Israel!
Suzan Kalir   (09.15.15)
Imagine what would happen to him had he ever condemned Muslim murderers for what they are doing to Israelis. He would be stoned by his own people.
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