Driver dies in accident possibly caused by stone-throwing
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 14.09.15, 19:02
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1. Unreasonable assumptions about causation
UR   (09.14.15)
If stones were thrown, I don't see how you could rule this out as being the cause of death even if the victim did have a fatal heart attack. The effect of having to drive in such conditions could reasonably be attributed as the primary stress factor which set in place a chain of events resulting in this fatal heart attack. Even if he had a heart condition, it's not as if he was engaging in dangerous activities which it was reasonably predictable to avoid by someone with a heart condition. This is not the same, say, as the case of the Palestinian parliamentarian who had a fatal heart attack while taking part in confrontation against the IDF. Palestinians and, with them, the world over, blamed Israel for this death, as usual misattributing responsibility, which was, in fact, all his fault given how it was reasonable, given his heart condition, to avoid taking part in activity which was foreseeable as harmful & dangerous given his health status. In this latest case of death by stone-throwers, it's not reasonable to say you should avoid driving in Israel's capital city just because some random terrorist should decide to throw stones at cars driving at full speed.
2. Zal Lackow (FB), did you get trained at Pravda or Izvestiya?
Jake   (09.14.15)
3. Fact and Truth
JRS USA   (09.14.15)
has become a missing commodity in israel.
4. Palestinians aren't going to rollover to occupation.
Just another occupie   (09.14.15)
Invasion, occupation, land theft , genocide, ethnic cleaning are going to be opposed. european-zionists will be resisted. There was a time when jews, Christian and Muslims lived together in peace.
5. #4, "jews, Christian, and Muslims", Freudian slip?
Jake   (09.15.15)
Interesting the Jews do not get a capital letter in your screed, while the others do. And when did they "live together in peace"? When the Dhimmi agreed to bow their heads and live under Islamic hegemony, and pay an extortionate tax to their Moslem overlords , in exchange for "protection". Protection from whom?
6. JRS #3, thus says a peddler and consumer of Pallywood fraud
Jake   (09.15.15)
Goebbels and Stalin also claimed they were purveyors of "fact and truth".
7. occupation?
richie ,   jerusalem. israel   (09.14.15)
Did you say Occupation and land theft? Genocide? Ethnic cleansing? How can you occupy land if it belongs to you? There never was "Palestinian land". Genocide. Look up the definition, A-hole. Ethnic cleansing. Look up the definition a-hole. Arab lies and BDS lies do not the truth make.
8. Adam Neira (FB)
Jake   (09.16.15)
The cause of death were from rocks thrown by palestinians, causing the Israeli motorist to lose control and swerve and hit a post. Heart attack may have been part of the chain of events, which began with the rock throwing. The rest of your "theories" are your own ugly propagandistic inventions designed to muddy the waters and mislead. They have no bearing on the truth whatsoever.
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