Netanyahu: Putin meeting crucial to avoiding 'misunderstandings' at northern border
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.09.15, 16:05
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1. what?
Adler J   (09.21.15)
Netanyahu and his delegation left for Russia to ask Putin if Israel IDF can strike Syria, but wait a moment, Russian troops are there (in Syria) to save and protect Bashar Assad which by the way Netanyahu considers responsable for every eventuality in the Golan- Israel Syrian border. best good advise, Israel stay away from the Syrian war.
2. Netanyahu ASKS a RUSSIAN 4 permission 2 defend Israel
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (09.21.15)
Say What?! Now that is just 2 rich for words!
3. Would Dayan have "asked permission?"
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (09.21.15)
Bibi, vu bist du?
4. rrequest for freedom
cecil   (09.21.15)
if acccurate, why would you request freedo. YOu simplyindicate that you will take action asbefore to interdict any shipments of arms to hezbollah. Don't request it. Simply work out an arrangment so there is no clash. However, you make it cclear that you will protect israeli interests. Of course putin will sayno guarantees annd bibi will run scared and tell yaalon not to strike if possible. Bentzion is rolling over in his grave att he defensiveness of biibi who acts like herzog andlivni. It is maddening.
5. #1
Harold ,   USA   (09.21.15)
It means Netanyahu has to demand Al-Nusra to stop its operations in Syria.
6. #2
Harold ,   USA   (09.21.15)
You better believe what you are reading. Never forget there is another superpower in town and that is Russia. Now Bibi as to count 10 before attacking Syria.
7. sliding off to Moscow to beg the Tsar's favor
Cameron ,   USA   (09.21.15)
Now there's an old habit, eh?
8. Putin is OUR guy, not the bloody Obama Admin.! Of course we
have to coordinate military actions. Assad is the good guy among the Islamic beasts that surround us at the moment! All in Life is about proportions/relativity. Don't have to be Einstein to understand that...yes/no?!
9. bibi, pay attention
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (09.21.15)
I hope that Netanyahu is not going too far in his antipathy towards Obama. I, we know that Obama doesn't like Netanyahu and/or Israel. Nevertheless the USA was and is our best military and also political ally. Putin, ex-KGB (FSB) officer, wants to restore the Russian (before USSR) power, influence in the world and of course also in the Middle East. Remember: Syrie, Irak, Egypt,.... Bibi, pay attention, don't let you use by him!
10. Talks will not prevent the trouble now brewing
ky   (09.21.15)
11. If the next POTUS proves to be Obama Mark II then
Alan ,   SA   (09.22.15)
Israel should unchain herself forthwith from the USA military Industrial set up. She should try to work with Russia, China India Korea + any other willing and able countries on new materiel projects. Also she should give Russia a site to establish a naval base in the Med. EU is just composed of the same anti-Jew obsessionalists as was in the 1930s We dont need another 8 years of mischief disguised by mock Seders and Chanukah Parties
12. The One that is more than mere human
US citizen ,   US   (09.22.15)
knows what each and every mere human is up to and has greater intelligence and power than all mere humans. Fear nothing Israel the One who wrestled Jacob is well able to squash(f and b) all mere humans who reject and oppose Him.
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