Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The treachery of the free world
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 25.09.15, 17:45
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1. grandmother
grandmother ,   jerusalem   (09.27.15)
yesterday my granddaughter said about her drawing --it is a man dressed as woman to take children put them in the sac -- i could feel what she draw about this person .. so our emotion depends on the persones of the photo . in this blond girl i was laughing becouse there is no killing >>i think it was famouse becouse of the laughing emotion
2. Brilliant, BDY!
UR   (09.28.15)
This is brilliant analysis, forever being proven in the ongoing horrors of that which must be daily observed. Just today, CNN finally gave some screen time to Yazidis summing up reportage by positing that no one could have predicted the horrors this community has experienced. Actually, it was totally predictable unless you're just not looking and not caring, as BDY says, MSM of which CNN is stellar e.g., only cares about Palestinian treatment at Israeli hands. The 2007 truck bombings in Iraq, the worst terror attack in aftermath of 2nd Iraq war, made it absolutely predictable that Yazidis would suffer extremely. Sure it's not predictable when the actor most meant to predict it is either asleep on the job or busy fanning the flames of the seemingly perennial hate which is antisemitism.
3. IsraeI the scapegoat for the world
Because they don't understand and just blame Israel all the time to cover their lack of understanding. And the wasting was created by Palestinians. They became iron versus clay that can never mix. They became burdens without any desire to integrate and cried loudest as if it was only them that matters. Just because they became like people without G-d that want to tell the people with G-d that there is G-d. And we know that there is G-d! And the same Moslems that will not get off anybody's back created problems in Nigeria and spreading! That big country Nigeria can be divided at least into three that the Ibos wanted because they are mostly Christians that traced their origins to lost tribes of Israel. TOO COMPLICATED? NO!!!
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