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TV, film trailblazer Moti Kirschenbaum dead at 76
Raz Shechnik
Published: 25.09.15, 12:55
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1. In the Bolshevik State of Israel he was a giant. Now, not so
2. Annointed by the all-powerful Nomenclature he was perceived
as.....anything they wanted him to be perceived as. "nuff said.
3. A great loss to Israeli culture and society
Stan ,   Israel   (09.25.15)
The wonderful nature films made by Moti Kirschenbaum in Africa, the Ant Arctic and other places will always be remembered. His news program on Channel 10, "London et Kirschenbaum" was for me one of the highlights of the day, but only if Moti was on the show. His humour and acumen cannot be compared. He will be sorely missed.
4. This is a sad reminder that success means one is going
Rivkah   (09.25.15)
to haShem's kingdom. This fellow died in sin, not having married his "partner". Unrepentant sinners go to hell. His success in the film industry did not translate into success after death. Few find the success of being absent from the body, at home with haShem. Many are called but few are chosen and fewer are faithful to the end of the battle of life to enter eternal life if chosen by haShem and His Son Yahshua, the Jewish Messiah. That is the only success and you don't have to be rich to find it. In fact, being rich is a hindrance to finding eternal life. Paying tithes for the poor and middle class is acceptable to haShem but for the rich, it takes much more, a third or half or in some situations like the rich young ruler who wanted to follow the Jewish Messiah, all his wealth since his heart was so set upon his riches. He walked away from eternal life and a magnificent resurrection since he could not give up what he had for greater riches in heaven.
5. When death comes, that is when the success or failure of a
Rivkah   (09.25.15)
person becomes the issue of going to hell or going to heaven. It is too late to seek haShem's mercy and salvation through haShem and His Messiah Son Yahshua. Was this man living in sin with a partner a success or a failure? It is quite likely he failed in the only issue that counts: one's eternal fate. You can only take to heaven the rewards from obeying haShem and being a part of His kingdom. Worldly success counts nothing at death unless one is a success in finding haShem during one's lifetime.
6. ...and so we loose another Titan...
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (09.25.15)
condolences to his family and family of friends.
7. Ynet PLEASE turn off FB comments on this one...
alternatively edit that we don't have ignorant boors commenting.
8. to Rivkah # 4
Stan ,   Israel   (09.27.15)
His wife died 9 years ago, and he has 4 grown up children. No normal people see him as a sinner. Believe what you wish, but don't preach to us how to live our lives!
9. Mr no name #1
Stan ,   Israel   (09.27.15)
For your information: 1. During the first 20 years of Israel's existence the Bolsheviks were regarded with suspicion. 2. In the last 12 years of his life this man achieved more than you ever will.
10. #9:as to the last claim you may be right. Red scourge was
the ruling doctrine fro more than the first 20 years of our history. That's plain history. The evil "Old Man" Ben Gurion was it's main poster boy. Illuminate yourself man.
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