Netanyahu attacks Iran in UN 'Speech of Silence'
Published: 01.10.15, 18:53
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1. un speech
cg ,   langley BC   (10.01.15)
C- for poor acting. I was really disappointed Bibi left his Wild e coyote bomb cartoons at home.
2. Netanyahu made effective speech and Ynet idiots mock him
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.01.15)
3. Iran is a genocidal totalitarian rogue terror state
C   (10.01.15)
the great sages of the P5+1 decided to legitimise the shia terror state and its nuclear weapons program. the clueless obama regime thought it had birthed a huge diplomatic victory whereas in reality russia, iran and china were given free gifts that they never dreamed they would have under any other american administration.
4. World need another Flood to cure its antisemitism!
5. So, how about doing a
6. Judging by the idiotic TBs (F.Book as usual) there isn't big
chance for curing the Islamic cancer...?
7. Netanyahu at his best....
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.02.15)
...when he shuts up
8. Does he believe the Goyim are so dumb?
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (10.02.15)
The trick of staying calm and staring in the eye can work with third graders in an overfunded school in the settlements. However, to most of the world this behavior (and the bomb cartoon) seems childish.
9. The One who is greater than all mere humans
US citizen ,   US   (10.02.15)
will provide for Israel's miraculous victory and humanity will still require His further schooling.
10. Great speech by Bibi.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.02.15)
Sad that the UN and obama are complete idiots and endanger not only Israel but, America and all western democracies as well with his pro Muslim stance. KEEP BUILDING AND KEEP SPEAKING OUT AGAINST IRAN !!!
11. When will Bibi learn?
Ed ,   USA   (10.02.15)
First the bomb speech, then the silent speech. Gevault. When will Bibi learn that if he wants to be taken seriously he has to stop relying on idiotic stunts? The only think anyone remembers are the cartoon bomb and the silence. Will any actual content be remembered next week? Of course not. Bibi is a master of making a mockery of himself.
TUVIA ,   Israel   (10.02.15)
B'H HEADLINES: I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! Democrats Boo God - Vote Him Out of Platform Democrats take God out of party platform - Dems Remove All References to 'God' From 2012 Party . 'God' also absent from Democrats' platform – Democratic Platform: 'God,' Jerusalem Language Dropped Democrats boo vote to restore 'God Jerusalem And God Vote Gets Booed At Dem Convention .. No God in the Democratic Platform? Good Lord. The Democrats Dump God - RELIGION IN THE NEWS Democrat's edit “God” out of their party platform TIME FOR HUSSEIN OBAMA TO LET JONATHAN POLLARD FREE NOW! HILLIARY CLINTON IS TIME YOU ARE JAILED FOR BENGHAZI!
13. #2
Harold ,   USA   (10.02.15)
And that is the reason why two thirds of the UN hall was empty and those clapping were the Israeli delegate and few Jewish visitors.
14. B.Netanyahu is haShem's man.BO is Satan's man.Guess who wins
Rivkah   (10.01.15)
15. How lucky Israel
Nachum Purer ,   Jerusalem   (10.02.15)
that Herzog lost the elections. He would not be able to speak so well at the UN as Netanyahu did (I doubt that Herzog can speak English at all). He would also bring several thousands Syrian "refugees" to Israel - thus increasing the number of bandits and murderers.
16. FB Harold Neale: Actually bumpkin,
A ,   Belgium   (10.02.15)
he stopped talking in order to give you a chance to write one of your typically moronic comments. Hope 40 seconds was enough time for you.
17. By not saying anything for 45 seconds,
A ,   Belgium   (10.02.15)
Bibi said much more than the 45 minute unleashing of wasted hot air by Oblabla.
18. FB Harold Neale : It's true bumpkin,
A ,   Belgium   (10.02.15)
we are made of gold, unlike yourself, the resulting product of the digestive process of a pig.
19. FB Harold Neale: Since you are so self righteous
A ,   Belgium   (10.02.15)
in your mindless tirades against "occupiers" and "settlers", why don't you get the hell out of the United States and go back to Bungholia or wherever you came from. You are occupying land stolen by European settlers from the Native American population. Foul hypocrite!
20. A word from a Palestinian to Israel
Feras ,   EJerusalem Palestine   (10.02.15)
No normal human being can cherish to the killing of a mother and father in front of their 4 children. it is a despicable act that need to be condemned equally to the arson perpetrated by Jewish settlers that killed an entire family including an infant. While you in Isarel continue to live in a real democracy and freedom you keep on looking the Other way to our suffering and lack of basic freedom. it is a big mystery for me on how can the Jewish soul that emerged from the terrible ashes of the holocaust ignore and perpetrate such suffering. The consequence of the occupation is like a virus spreading in the moral ground of the Jewish soul. Finally to understand what I am saying I will simply ask you to check the commentaries that will be published as a response to those words. Wake up before it is too late. A Palestinian.
21. I Love The Clown Prince Of Israel.
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.02.15)
22. I Love The Clown Prince Of Israel
Amused Guy ,   erewhon   (10.02.15)
Clearly, as this speech shows, he is the crassest sort of politician. If I were an Israeli I would want to hide my face in shame at this performance. How many more times can this man make your country look idiotic? I hope I lot more because Bibi has done more for the benefit of the BDS Movement that any human on the planet. Give us Bibi. Give us Bibi..... Give us Bibi!
23. 11 Ed
C   (10.03.15)
if you think that bibi netanyahu is not taken seriously, then maybe you should read in russian. netanyahu and his entire military high command, including the chief of the armed forces was received by putin and his high command on short notice just a few days ago. the obama regime and its eu partners are waking up to the painful reality that they have been bamboozled by the shia terrorists and their patrons russia and it would seem china. putin litterally ordered obama to get out of syria--a total embarrassement for the united states.
24. Avi
Andrew ,   usa   (10.03.15)
And you have a better idea Avi?
25. Netanyahu speech
Peter Ungar ,   New Rochelle, NY, US   (10.06.15)
Netanyahu's offer of unconditional negotiations sounds generous until one realizes that one of his unconditions is that Israel should be free to colonize more of the occupied territories during those negotiations.
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