Jerusalem mayor urges residents: 'Carry your weapons'
Yael Friedson, Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 08.10.15, 11:33
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1. barkat is correct
geroge   (10.08.15)
carry your guns and if a threatarises, shoot to finish off the attacker. Otherwise stand their and be stabbed and tell yourselves that you didn't pray enough. As for herzog yes ...he'll know what to do, he trusts abbas, he'll make concessions but don't worry, there will be a great peace, he and liv ni promise you and we will have international backing and from obama and europe. Herzog is full of crap from top to bottom, he's gullible and has zero sense of security. The arabs would love him to be pm. Terror would rise tenfold and herzog would quickly retreat to 67 borders. That would be the beginning of the state. The only hope for israel is an independent minded pm like bennett or feiglin. The whole cast including some in likud like hanegbi, shalom and erda and bibi are only marginally better than herzog but they are all gutless but livni herzog and lapid are weaklings number 1
2. Keep An Eye On This . . .
emanon ,   USA   (10.08.15)
personally, I don;t think the violence will reduce, but rather I expect the arabs to use this as a reason to INCREASE the level of violence against Israelis. I am also afraid this will feed the rumor of occupation. Of course, if you DO carry a concealed weapon, how does anyone know unless you use it and I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.
3. Makes me wonder
US citizen ,   US   (10.09.15)
if this guy would consider becoming Dean of a school in Oregon. I imagine that might cut down on visits by Obama as well as casualties of cowardly gunmen.
4. that is a very apt slogan to fit the times, #2
Cameron ,   USA   (10.09.15)
Should be some plenty heavy duels taking place in the streets in the days ahead.
5. Learn SELF-DEFENSE! It is fun and effective.
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (10.09.15)
In the Yeshivot, and elsewhere, there should be training in SELF-DEFENSE. It is not that hard to disarm a frenzied attacker and may be even stab him back. God helps those who help themselves. I know, for, after the Holocaust, I grew up in an antisemitic neighborhood with two other Jewish youngsters. They run away when the Jew-baiting would start. After a while most bullies would not attack me knowing that they would receive some painful blows from me in the process. So let's go do it. There should be self-defense classes in every municipality, and they will also reduce our expanded bellies.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (10.09.15)
It's not the size of the wand which matters ,but the magic within.....
Hold your weapon in your hand ,but be may damage your eyesight...
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