Abbas' party distributes pro-terrorist leaflets
Elior Levy
Published: 10.10.15, 21:52
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1. Now THAT is a shock to me! Don't show it to Shimon!
2. Israel was sending a wrong message
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.11.15)
to Arabs by making feel guilty the Settlers,whose brave guys are now more needed than ever.
3. Shlack Shmock
carlos ,   San Diego CA   (10.10.15)
Israel builds, Arabs kill and destroy. They are genocidal. Look at Yemen, at Iraq, at Lybia, at Syria. The territory in the West Bank is Israeli. If you don't like it, become a Syrian citizen or join the Neo-nazi groups in Europe. Write to the Syrians and see of they can stop killing their people. Better yet go there.
4. Abbas & Haniyeh are so pathetic
Benji ,   US   (10.11.15)
They stink as leaders, popularity has tanked so they send Palestinian teenagers to stab Israelis for attention. More dead Palestinians for their scrapbooks. Both of them are hiding by now. Let's see how much they love their intifada when Israel goes after the leadership.
5. Arrest Abbas & collapse the terrorist P.A.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.11.15)
It is ludicrous to pretend terrorist honcho Abbas, and his murderous P.A., are "peace partners". Arrest Abbas immediately. End all mad Israeli support for the murderous P.A. and let it collapse. Israel must stop paying homage to the evil fiction of "Palestine".
6. Abbas wants it both ways
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (10.11.15)
Mahmoud Abbas incites to violence with statements that Jews desecrates the El Aqsa compound with their dirty feet, and that every drop of blood shed to protect El Aqsa is sacred blood. However he instructs his police to cooperate with the Israelis and clamp down on to big demonstrations and riots. Mahmood Abbas is not very popular and many Palestinians want him to leave the presidency. Stiring religious feelings is an easy way to deflect attention from his person.
7. Abbas is a peaceful man, and just another..
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.10.15)
.. islamic cult member with blood on his hands. His way of peace is to kill, kill, kill... A very good advisor for his evil belief...
8. #4:That's where you err: Chickenyahu is more likely to go
after Jewish "terrorists" (be they the diaper or stone throwing kind), than the Jihado- Nazi killers of Adolf Abu Mazen's kind! It's a sad fact.
9. Let's face it. Abbas is a two-faced bastard.
miriam ,   israel   (10.12.15)
Deport all those perpetrators who are still alive together with their families. We don't need them in our midst. Bibi, don't you think it time for some drastic action to prevent another intifada ?
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