Mayor: Check Arab workers' papers
Mirit Pinchas
Published: 12.10.15, 19:53
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1. Until the terror stops, NO ARAB WORKERS allowed in.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.12.15)
Why do Israeli companies employ Arabs? Do Jewish owners inspect the work of the Arabs? In highrise towers, are the rebar installations checked? What if all the earthquake reinforcing rebar is sabotaged? What if those beautiful high-rise apartment buildings have been weakened so that they crumble in a minor earthquake? Who's checking the Arab workers' quality of work? Until the terror stops completely, no Arab workers allowed to work on Jewish-owned projects.
2. Can he not just do it....
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.12.15)
...without shooting off his mouth first? Sometimes I think that Israelis must like making things hard for themselves by refusing to keep their mouths shut. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
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