Sweden: Israel's most fervent European opponent
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.10.15, 23:17
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1. Also
Brad ,   USA   (10.21.15)
It doesn't like to condemn the epidemic of Swedish girls being raped by the Muslims the government allows in. That would acknowledge that the rape epidemic exists.
2. Israel
Sheree Rihari ,   Mercer, New Zealand   (10.21.15)
I was a proud descendent of Swedish immigrants to New Zealand and taught my children to be proud of their Swedish ancestry also. Now I am ashamed. What has gone so terribly wrong Sweden that your leaders turn their backs on Israel and embrace terrorists? Church leaders in Sweden I urge you to read your bibles!
3. I feel pity for swedish women, being raped by immigrants
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (10.21.15)
One should check local newspapers to find out about crimes committed by immigrants and refugees, who will never understand that Swedish women are not the same as prostitutes.
4. Sweden is the rape capital of the world
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.21.15)
Sane nations do the exact opposite of Sweden. Sweden is a nation which inundates its own cities with violent backward Muslims. This has turned it into the rape capital of the world. Sweden is determined to commit suicide, but we won't let it take Jews down with it this time.
5. I'm ashamed!
Helene ,   Sweden   (10.21.15)
So our stupid foreign minister has done it again! I'm ashamed of holding a swedish passport and calling myself swedish! We, the few swedish people, that support and love Israel always have to go against the big majority. I have recieved many looks filled with hatred as I walk down streets in my town proudly wearing my star of David around my neck. And being one of the very few hebrew teachers left at a swedish university I always feel I'm walking against the big crowd! But I'm making my voice heard! And my goal is to spread the love for Israel and the jewish people everywhere I go! And I'm proud to at least have an israeli embassy in my country with one of the best ambassadors in the world! Standing by your side Israel!!!
The Almighty ,blessed be he , promises that he who blesses Israel will be blessed ,and he curses Israel will be cursed by Hashem. And ,most importantly : " Through you ( Israel ) all the nations of the earth will be blessed ." The peoples of this planet can only receive their blessing through Israel.
7. fret not, very soon there will be no sweden, not big loss,
ralp   (10.21.15)
8. watch sweden become a failed state in front of our eyes.
ralph   (10.21.15)
9. In Malmo today
Benji ,   US   (10.21.15)
A Pro-Palestinian solidarity rally was held where people chanted "Slaughter the Jews". Two members of the Swedish parliament attended. One spoke at the rally. Here you have government sponsored incitement and racism against Jews. Shame on Sweden!
10. reported that Sweden is near collapse from the
Rivkah   (10.21.15)
violent migrants destroying the nation, Somalis having raped 25% of all Swedish women. Opposition to Israel is bringing a curse on Sweden, for sure. Sweden will be destroyed unless the deport the migrants and fast.
11. If it's of any solace: The Pied Piper of Swedish Govt. has
led its own people into the abyss of extinction. Might add: with full knowledge of the consequences of its actions. Believe me: I'd be more worried if I were Swedish today, than being Israeli without SAS-route! BTW: a country can survive without IKEA as well. Would be a pity to lose all the jobs though....
12. possible answer
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (10.21.15)
Since Sweden did its best to hide Jews from the Nazis, you might think that they are not ant-Semites. This act is to show us that, no, they only hid Jews because they feared and hated Hitler more. So they now must show the world that they too are anti-Semites.
13. Bias against Israel
frances stanfield ,   southampton uk   (10.21.15)
Perhaps the Israelis need to get used to reporting which is just recording facts e.g. unrest, killing of ciivilians, and which states objective facts rather than using vocabulary which is judgemental. Calling only one side's militants terrorists is biased, let them tell it how it is and leave the public to decide the rights and wrongs. The BBC in the UK is biased towards Israel and never gives the context and facts from both sides.
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (10.21.15)
What function is the Israeli embassy serving in Sweden.Would it be better to save money and close the embassy.
15. Nordic BASTARDS !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.21.15)
16. above
moishe   (10.21.15)
Swedes are hypocrites. they sell Bofors and explosives to kill and maim innocent people and give a peace prize to paper over their evil.
17. Swedish Media are in the hands of the Government !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.21.15)
Everywhere and at all points and about everything, do the Swedish media hide the Truth from the Swedish Population, if it goes against the Swedish Govenments Policy. Sweden is becoming a Dictatorship more and More as a result of Socilism called Socialdemokracy. Arn.Sweden.
18. Nr 10. No Sweden will be Punished for its sins !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.21.15)
And the Punishment will be Violent and force the Swedish Politicians to Repent. As a Result Sweden as a Nation will turn Godwards Again. Tthere is a Prophesy in Sweden wich goes - " God will make Sweden a showcase to the whole World " !. Sweden will Rise in the Power of God to become a Spiritual lighthous to the World. In short. Arn.Sweden.
19. #13 frances
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.21.15)
This sentence alone shows your blindness. Your post is the opposite of truth. The arabs have started every war, every 'incident'. They came in 640AD while the Jews were there for thousands of years before. Read history, then post.
20. Sweden is going down
Sanna ,   Sweden   (10.21.15)
I´m a swede and I love Israel, bin there 15 times so I know how it is in Israel. I personal think israelis have almost too much patience with the muslims (the other name they call them selves aren´t theirs from beginning) and if they had behaved like human beings there wouldn´t be any violence because they always start! I´m really ashamed of my gouvernment and wish they anderstand how stupid they are, but they are too dumb actually. The media in sweden, well centurys of desinformation have fooled the people to belive that Israel is av horrible state - the people (in sweden) is brainwashed by left-wing journalists - even right-wing newspaper have only left-wing journalists. I have given up on my country and wish to move, but I´m not jewish so Israel is not an option, unfortunately. Sweden is going down, a state that curse Israel will self get cursed thats a fact. The God of Abraham isac and Jacob will continue to keep his covenent and bless You!
21. no 10
Sanna ,   Sweden   (10.21.15)
No 25 % of the swedish woman havn´t been raped. Yes the rapes have increased but not in any way that kind of numbers.
22. Sweden-Israel
John ,   Sweden   (10.21.15)
I'm from Sweden and I was visiting Jerusalem in June this year. At that time the situation was calm and I'm glad that I was on time to do that. It's a beautiful country and I really like Netanya, a peaceful city even at night the old folks and children where outside. It's not like that in the Sweden. Many christians in Sweden are totally against the Swedish government in this sittuvation and those who have their eyes opened, see what is really going on. The Bible also saying that the whole world will be against Israel. I'm so sorry that Sweden is involved in this and It's a shame for the country. /John
23. Sweden..
HJL ,   Finland   (10.21.15)
And the boarder between Sweden and Finland is open, so every muslim and potential terrorist has a free way to Finland. Now suddenly we have got thousands of them from Iraq via Sweden, some say their group will grow up to 50 000 this year. - Imagine this, when we actually have about 350 000 unemployed Finns and thousands of homeless!
24. So the Swedes or what's left of them hate Israel!
tiki ,   belgium   (10.21.15)
Deal with it. Instead of condemning them Israel should pity them. It's a lost country. This once beautiful & liberal country has been taken over by the plague of Islam.
25. Teach Reuters history
Gene   (10.21.15)
The message under the picture should be: Swedish FM meets Holocaust denier.
26. The Swedish Caliphate:
koose e mack ,   ny US   (10.21.15)
Don't worry, like most of Europe, Sweden will be demographically overrun by the Muslim Hordes. Ironically, I was musing over the same rape statistics; 99% Muslim Immigrants. They've turned Malmo into a war zone!
27. Maybe this will help understand alittle
Don   (10.21.15) Sweden is country in crisis, and it's own attitudes to its own culture have sourced the problem.
28. Reason for Israeli Embassy in Sweden
ak   (10.21.15)
Is to facilitate the repatriation of Swedish Jews. Cannot imagine anything else.
29. You are an optimist
AK   (10.21.15)
With all those young Muslim invaders coming to Sweden what makes you think the government will even get a chance to repent. More likely, they will convert to Islam, leaving the few decent Swedes left to fend for themselves, run for their lives and look for an asylum in any country that will take them. Keep in mind, that the US does put Europeans at the end of the immigration line. So, maybe Israel will take in Swedish refugees.
30. 21 Sanna, Sweden: Such a pretty name, Sanna. The research
Rivkah   (10.22.15)
you can check out is normally LESS THAN the actual rape percentage since most rapes are not reported. More likely 75% of the women in Sweden have been raped by Somali migrants. 1 in 3 women in the USA are raped, so the 1 in 4 reported rate in Sweden (higher if others besides Somalis are included) is lower than in the USA of reported rapes and most rapes are not reported.
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