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Who was the real Rabin and what remains of Oslo
Nahum Barnea
Published: 26.10.15, 23:51
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1. Humanities Survivability
Zechariah   (10.27.15)
Rabin thought many steps ahead that was one of his strengths and his burdens and believed a non belligerence with the Palestinians buffered by the USA the Superpower would decrease the chances of Thermonuclear wars in which billions would die .
2. We know what would have happened
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.27.15)
Rabin was so far down in the polls that he would have been tossed out. The margin might have been large enough for Likud to get 61 seats straight. Oslo would have been cancelled.
3. What would have been
Ari ,   Afula   (10.27.15)
We can never know what Rabin would have done if he survived the assassination attempt, but we certainly know what the Arabs would have done. The Arabs have always chosen the path of belligerence towards the Jewish state. They could never make peace with us since the Koran forbids it. To them the Land of Israel is Islamic land and it is forbidden to give it to heathens. Add this to the political corruption in the Muslim world and there is no matter, form or way that they would have or will come to terms that we lowly (as the Koran describes us) Jews can rule their (again, as the Koran says) lands. So while Rabin's murder was tragic, his moves towards the settlers and those who championed the right were foolish.
4. the silent working arab majority
jeffrey   (10.27.15)
an economic association between arabs and israel can be. There are many silent arabs who are excellent business people but who live in fear of their hot kids and the street;so they stand back. if they ever take control, the hotheads will be dispatched and an entity will be a trading bloc.
5. Rabin is not a Prophet
David ,   San Diego USA   (10.27.15)
Every year, you keep talking about Rabin. Rabin. Rabin. Rabin. Okay, enough. I am sad that he was killed. But Rabin was not a prophet. Our matriarch, Rachel, passed away on October 24 and all I heard was Rabin, Rabin, Rabin. You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Stop talking about Rabin as if he was a prophet. You do it every year. He is not to be held in such high status because he betrayed G-d and the Torah. Rabin, nor ANY JEW, has any right to give away any part of the Land of Israel. This land is an eternal covenant between G-d and the Jewish people (100% no exceptions).
6. rabin not the icon you think or want him to be never will be
ralph   (10.27.15)
7. Arik & Itzhak
Ben Greenbaum ,   Halandale USA   (10.27.15)
Out of desperation to remain in power appeasing the failed leftist mentality was the choice both Arik and Itzhak have chosen commemorating their transgressions is certainly not a comendable thing to do.!!!
8. interesting article
C   (10.27.15)
the left needs to wake up to the tragic truth that the world of islam wants to destroy the jewish state. islam as it is now will not tolerate a sovereign jewish state in its midst. islam is supremacist and imperialist. what needs to be done, if at all possible, is to increase integration of israeli arabs. their so-called leaders like ahmed tibi and zoaibi should be forbidden from participating in the public sphere. berghouti should be prevented from access to foreigners. hard core security prisoners should serve hard time. rabin would have never allowed arabs to murder israelis without retaliation. nor would he have agreed to an arab palestinian state.
9. What remains? Hopefuly smoking rubble!
10. Israel must smash every last evil bit of Oslo!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.27.15)
Oslo was accurately described as, "the worst self inflicted wound by any nation in human history". Israel had totally defeated an exiled the terrorist PLO. Peres and lunatic Labor rescued it and handed it much of our sole tiny Homeland, with Oslo. Tens of thousands of Israeli got maimed and murdered in the process. Israel must smash every last evil bit of Oslo! THis land is ours now and forever!
11. #5
Joy   (10.27.15)
journalists write articles about Rabin because he was killed by a jew and palestinians like that the killer wasnt an arab. but the true heroe of 1967 was the Prime Minister Levi Eshkol
12. Rabin was an idiot, he had a very low IQ
Tomer ,   tel aviv   (10.27.15)
If this moron had his way, we would now have: 1. a PLO terrorist state in Yesha 2. a Golan occupied by Isis, Alqeda and / or Hezbolla.
13. Festival Rabin
Abe Benjamin ,   Migdal HaEmek Israel   (10.27.15)
20 years, isn't it about time that we Israelis demand to know what really happened that night when Rabin died. What about all the discrepancies ? The ease with which Amir closed in, his ' shots' from the back, NO blood at the scene, Rabin enters his car by himself, just before that Shimon Peres goes to 'chat' with Rabin's chauffer, calls of ' false bullets ', the long time it took for the experienced chauffeur to get to the hospital, actually Rabin was brought in bleeding profusely from the chest, and by an AMBULANCE , not his car, where is his car today ? It's disappeared, the analysis of the bullets in Rabin weren't the same as the ones that Amir shot, surgeons specified that the bullet in Rabin's spine would not have let him enter his car alone, where is the supposedly blood stained, bullet holed paper of " shir ha shalom ' that Rabin's secretary waved at us all that disastrous night ? It's disappeared !! So wake up! Rabin died, but not from Yigal Amir's bullets. Let the truth be told after 20 years of Festivals for Rabin !!
14. He was a weakling
DSM ,   USA   (10.27.15)
15. Rabin: dream vre dreamer
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (11.10.15)
Martin Luther King had a dream and was killed; his dream of freedom for the black fell short since the blacks themselves are incapable of helping themselves. Rabin was a dreamer; he foolishly thought that peace was possible with Arabs. He never read the Koran; he never understood that peace won't come until Arabs throw away the Koran. But it stupidity on the part of the assassins that killed both of them. Killing is not the answer: education is the answer.
16. Rabin is dead move on.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.10.15)
Nothing can be learned from Rabin. What matters is now. KEEP BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL!!
17. Rabin
jeff gordon ,   suffern ny USA   (12.22.15)
Did he not shoot the bombs that sank the Atalina Ship and kill 13 or 16 Jews attempting to come into Israel after the Holocaust or was he just following orders?
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