Sudanese citizen tried to kill Israeli on int'l flight
Itai Blumenthal
Published: 03.11.15, 19:59
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1. Incredible
David ,   New york   (11.03.15)
Sodom and gemora Meanwhile in the US, none of this sickness is reported. "Jewish lives matter"
2. Jews have many enemies
Zola   (11.04.15)
Jews have many enemies .Start learning more self defence preemotive containment .Every Minyan and their Families ought have a Nuclear Shelter Krav Maga Skills and be fully equipped for war .
3. Let's see if...
Brad ,   USA   (11.03.15)
the mainstream press tells the whole story about this scumbag Muslim who thinks he's special? I predict they will say nothing about it at all. I could be wrong, but I'm not.
4. God help
nehava   (11.04.15)
no space on earth no space in air where is the wrong may it is not the internal space in myselfe god help you knows better than us and Us and russia
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (11.04.15)
this shows how much real Lebanese hate their own extremists & crazies. Iranian mullahs have managed to brainwash too many Muslims.
6. Rescue the Israeli passenger
Hadi Eid Ph.D ,   Monteverde, Metn   (11.04.15)
If the Israeli leaders have a bit of horse sense and take a drastic action NOW, they could garner more support from Lebanese in Israel's upcoming distress. Try to decipher these words!!
7. Not all Muslims are like him.
Ariel ,   Netanya   (11.04.15)
You like it or not, I am Jew. I lived long years in Turkey. A lovely Muslim country. I had Lebanese friends, the name of one was "Elie", lovely people. I had Iranian friends over there, lovely people. Here we must know the difference between lovely people and extremists and also politics. And we have to know that we can't judge people when our back yard is not very clean neither !
8. Disgusting comments
Ezra ,   London, UK   (11.04.15)
Wow, reading all the vulgar racist comments is enough to turn anyone into an anti-Semite...Even Ethiopian cabin crew who came to passenger's defense and protected him are not spared bigotry. Insane.
10. Why, why, why is Israel providing FREE Internet for subSahar
Rivkah   (11.04.15)
subSaharan Africa, full of people like this animal who hate Jews and only want to kill them. Cancel the free Internet for subSaharan Africa. MAKE THEM PAY.
11. To 7 and 8
Brad ,   USA   (11.04.15)
Muslims are Muslims. He was obeying the Koran. Read it before posting here. As for #8 alone, his default to name calling proves that he's got no argument and no substance.
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