Suspects arrested for ties to Jewish terror attack in Duma
Yoav Zitun, Roy Yanovsky
Published: 03.12.15, 17:53
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1. Perpetrators must be punished but...
Ivan   (12.03.15)
The state is exploiting this case to cut civil freedom. Even if they are guilties they must be detained and judged properly, they cant be detained for months without being indicted. The same must be applied to Palestinians jailed without trial.
2. The Dawabsheh family attack
Maurice ,   Netanya Israel   (12.03.15)
Question is why this took so long to find suspects. Was it being covered up? Two wrongs do not make a right!
3. How many innocent Jews were tortured to death to admit
Yaalon is a DISGRACE ,   A shame to Judaism   (12.03.15)
something they are falsely accused of? Trying to convince everyone that Jews went to an Arab home located in the center of other Arab homes and set that center home on fire? For what reason? Yes sure. Makes a lot of sense. The Shin Bet has nothing to base it on except for their hatred of religious Jews. Why doesn't the Shin Bet torture the Arabs who were behind the arson instead of taking some innocent Jews?
4. I bet you they're using Meir Ettinger as the guinea pig and
Dorothy   (12.03.15)
accusing him for the arson. After all he's a grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahana whom the Zionists murdered in cold blood.
5. How else will they be able to keep Meir Ettinger in jail
Dorothy   (12.03.15)
if not by accusing him of something he never did? This is another Yosef Ben David blood libel made by secular Jewish anti-Semites.
6. Yaalon are desperate to produce Jewish suspects at all costs
Moshe David Tokayer   (12.03.15)
Bibi and Ya'alon are desperate to produce Jewish suspects at all costs, truth be damned.
7. The proven method of getting to the truth
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.03.15)
The Americans waterboarded the terrorist slime. Our slime is no different. They receive instructions from their lawyers to remain silent in court and waterboarding may encourage them to behave differently.
8. # 1 Ivan okay when your Israel's Attorney general
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.03.15)
you can do just that.
9. # 2 Maybe they needed to invent some?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (12.03.15)
After all justice means differing things to differing people. Many times Arabs commit these crimes to frame Jews.
10. Long time observations, if they're jews they walk.
James USA   (12.03.15)
Some technicality will be found or invented.
11. They've been arresting SUSPECTS for the past half year
Johana   (12.03.15)
who have yet to be released. How much longer will the state brutally persecute them and force confession out of them? Why doesn't the state arrest those who were truly behind it?
12. Ynet commits libel?
brenrod   (12.03.15)
"A relative of the family hurt by the Jewish terror acts" there is no evidence of "Jewish" terror in this arab vendetta arson, only lynch mob statements from so called responsible authorities like BB, yaalon, rivlin and erdan. The Shin Bet is carrying forward the fake agenda because if they were wrong their irresponsicle actions which caused revenge burnings and stabbings would in the least demand resignation and perhaps administrative detention for inciting blood libels.
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