The graves of the Dawabsheh family

Suspects arrested for ties to Jewish terror attack in Duma

Shin Bet announces the arrests made in connection with one of the most severe acts of Jewish terrorism to take place in recent years, which claimed the lives of three members of the Dawabsheh family in Duma.

The Shin Bet cleared for publication on Thursday that Jewish youths had been arrested for alleged involvement in Jewish terrorist groups with suspected ties to the murderous terror attack in Duma.



A serious development was reported in the large-scale investigation of the Duma attack earlier this week. There are only two things that can be said about the arrests: They have led the Shin Bet, security establishment, and police to develop an optimistic outlook regarding solving the crime, and the likelihood of submitting an indictment to prosecute those responsible.


The second is that police have filed for and received a gag order to cover all details of the investigation. As such there is not much that can be said of the development at this point. The gag order remained in place on Thursday.


The graves of the family (Photo: Hassan Shaalan)
The graves of the family (Photo: Hassan Shaalan)


A relative of the family hurt by the Jewish terror acts told Ynet he received no updates from Israeli authorities about a development in the investigation.


Hussein Dawabsheh, Reham's father told ynet, "We are happy to learn that the security establishment arrested the murderers of my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, after four months. No one updated us on the suspects' arrests and we hope that they will be punished in the most severe manner. I can't bring back my family, but I want those murderers to look in little Ahmed's eyes, and see what they did to him, how they killed his family. "



The family's home after the attack    (צילום: זכריא סדה, "רבנים לזכויות אדם")

The family's home after the attack   (צילום: זכריא סדה, "רבנים לזכויות אדם")


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The Dawabsheh family home was set on fire at the end of July. Masked men threw Molotov cocktails into the house and fled. The baby Ali died in the fire and his father Saed died a week later from his wounds. The mother Reham's condition was extremely serious, and she eventually died. Ahmed's condition has improved significantly in recent weeks, but he remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Soroka Medical Center in Be'ersheva.


'I don't cooperate with those fighting against Jews'

The development is even more significant due to the fact that few acts of Jewish terrorism are ever solved, in light of increased efforts by the security establishment to attain sufficient evidence to built indictments against individuals for attacks against Palestinians.


The only survivor of the attack Ahmed Dawabsheh(Photo: Mohammed Shinawi)
The only survivor of the attack Ahmed Dawabsheh(Photo: Mohammed Shinawi)


One of the suspect's lawyers, said in response, "After eight days in which my client has not seen a lawyer or his family, and a judge has allowed the public to learn that the state which calls itself a democracy can "vanish" people without any rights to inspect or criticize the actions of the investigative authorities. I am sure that as the picture clears, it will be clear to all that this talk of progress in some or other investigation will be completely baseless."


There is difficulty in bringing Jewish perpetrators of terror attacks against Palestinians to justice, as attested to by comments made by a Jewish teenager who was arrested in the past on suspicion of involvement in such an attack.


"I don't cooperate with people who fight against the Jewish people and the land of Israel, people who are the representatives of the foreign rule in our country," the teenager said at the time.


The father of one of the young suspects told ynet, "At this point I would rather not say anything."


In a statement on Wednesday, the United Nations special coordinator for the now moribund Middle East peace process expressed concern over what he described as "slow progress" in solving the Duma case.


"Amidst the current escalation of violence, it is essential that all firmly and consistently reject terrorism and act decisively to stop hatred and incitement," the U.N. official, Nickolay Mladenov, said.


Security officials emphasized that there was still a long path ahead of indictments, and that investigations of the subjects had only just commenced.






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