Hateful post by suspected Jewish terrorist's father calls Rivlin 'Fuhrer'
Elisha Ben Kimon and Yael Freidson
Published: 14.12.15, 12:29
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1. About time someone posts the truth about the hateful Supreme
Court and Shin Bet towards religious Jews.
2. incitement and pollitics
jerzy   (12.14.15)
no one should be using nazi epithets as we see what it can do. if reports are true, bibi is sickening with his never ending attempts to bring in extra mks to expand his coaltion with people he fired ie lapid and yesh atid. Israel is sick of lapiid with his stupid saudi worthless plan and 2 state rubbish. bibi would do anything to survive in office when the only reason he is still pm is because of livni herzog and lapid being so weak and naive that israelis want nothing to do with them.
3. Islam, the religion of Hate? The apple in jail didn't fall..
miki ,   tampa   (12.14.15)
far from the tree. In the only demcoracy in the Muddle (sic) East, only Arabs are not allowed to speak to their lawyers is not a slippery slope - its daily fact!
4. The elitist bastards judges should be put jail for treason
David Kronish   (12.14.15)
This government is EVIL and the court is NOT acting with anything in mind other than finding a "right wing extremist" scapegoat to lock up! Seems like we've been in this one before. In this system INNOCENT people are forced to admit to crimes they did NOT commit because they just want the suffering to stop at all cost. Sound like communist Russia?!!?!?
5. This is not America and we don't need Tea Party nuts...
miki ,   tampa   (12.14.15)
We have enough of our own!
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