Israeli universities to US academic group: Don't help boycott
Shahar Hay
Published: 14.12.15, 22:00
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1. pointless letter
UR   (12.15.15)
More than a decade too late, they write a letter which shows exactly how clueless they are and why BDS had managed to take hold in spite of being a racist movement. Where were you when this movement was starting out and when it should have been cut down? This is much much much too late and too weak and ineffective.
David Fakheri ,   L A USA   (12.16.15)
Why are we cheating ourselves?. We are in a real war with every body who doesn't like us as jews and NOW after 78 years they are joining powers and forces togethe again from the smallest to the super ones again to finish the job that Hitler couldn't have done it which was To finish us all!. We must ( at any cost ) bring the ball in to their court. They all should feel the same pain that we are going through!. We must show them that we can be even more cruel than them when it comes to our survival. And if they assume that they can defeat us ( and they might perhaps ! ) but they should get first such a sour lesson from every one of us who is living around th e globe and never forget even 10 generations after them!. They are killing us One by one it is fair to say that they must get back the same consequences times 1000 !. Why should we be the only people of god to lose life, wealth,birth place and our national honor to some million mother fuckers who are originally sons of the bitches?!.The dirty lower people who juliuse of the educated or rich regular people only because they are Jewish and care only about oil, gold, silver and money and slavery of the nations who are unworthy of education and non respectful to the human lives !. GOT TIRED
3. BDS will die on its own
C   (12.15.15)
israel has developed significant economic and cultural relations with china, india and other asian nations. israeli universities have cooperation agreements with a number of american universities in various sciences. the boycott of israel is illegal under us laws. these laws will be enforced once obama leaves the wh. israel is no longer a tiny shmate state that the nations intended her to be. today israel is a regional power, with a first class military, a nation of innovators with newly discovered natural resources.
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