Five Israelis wounded in West Bank attacks
Elisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun, Rotem Elizera
Published: 24.12.15, 14:17
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1. try harder
jerzy   (12.24.15)
trump.. some media, oil industry, the arab world and russia china have been dead wrong, dead wrong about denying global warming. Weather currnts right now are demonstrable proof of warming which will unleash unbelievable destruction to the planet. and man has caused it. In particular, the arab world is in total denial about it instead, focussing psychotically on religious disputes and who owns what land. putin in particualr is misinformed as is trump and the rupubllicans about global warming whichis the greatest threat to the world. man can reverse it if it acts in concert and now, not tomorrow. as for israelis, they have to be armed and confront the attackers and not endlessly wait for it. its not easy but some video shows suspicious girls or kids at checkpoints llikely carrying knifes which abount.go on a war footing.take some kind of weapons, sheilds, pipes, something that can block or h it at arms length.guns of course are thebest way of dealing with it as we see. dont rely on the cops. and don't mimim terrorists by showing pictures of knifinig babes which is unacceptable. Putin has now dug himself into the middle east struggle and he will wish he did not do so.
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