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Best new restaurant in US is Israeli
Tzipi Shmilovitz
Published: 29.12.15, 21:24
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1. Too bad h
keren tzafon ,   Tzafon Israel   (12.29.15)
2. I'm not happy for him
keren tzafon ,   Tzafon Israel   (12.29.15)
Non kosher is one thing but being famous for serving treif is nothing to celebrate if he is Jewish.
3. Treif
David ,   New york   (12.29.15)
Can't say I'm proud of him
4. Too bad....not Kosher!
Glatt Treif ,   ny us   (12.29.15)
Cheer up folks, there are plenty of good Israeli Chefs that do cook Kosher! There's only one thing I eat that may not be Kosher....I'll give you a hint...It smell like fish!
5. Congratulations Nir!
Benji ,   US   (12.29.15)
Your restaurant is already a huge success. Very interesting menu.
6. Keren, do you think
Oscar ,   Fort Worth, USA   (12.30.15)
Jews should only be famous for Kosher food? Most Jews do not respect Kosher laws.. These made sense hundreds of years ago; nowadays I feel very Jewish while I am eating octopus with garlic
7. Restaurant Timna
Morty Mooze ,   Snowville, Canada   (12.30.15)
Treif, b u t , oh so good !!! Big bucks for fancy food. Some people have that kind of dough. Also pays the salaries of employees, taxes, and overhead. KOL HaKoved Chef Nir Mesika !!!
8. Food
The bread is amazing! I have eaten fish and vegetables at Timna. Very tasty!!!
9. I've never eaten octopus- Is it calamari ?
israeli ,   israel   (12.30.15)
10. Kol Hakoved to this young man.
Israeli ,   israel   (12.30.15)
However, very pricey dishes and photos don't whet my appetite ! Prices in some restaurants are "aloo me ever". There is nothing better than a good cook at home !
11. Some of these dishes are unclean foods for haShem's people.
Rivka   (12.31.15)
Another problem with restaurants and the food production industry in the USA are the Muslims working in them, poisoning the food, praying Islamic prayers over the meats and other foods, making them halal or dedicated to a black moonstone idol in Mecca, Allah. Isaiah chapters 65 and 66 warn haShem will not protect swine eaters or those who eat unclean foods. Foods dedicated to an idol are unclean to haShem. I have been poisoned many times in restaurants so I stopped going to restaurants except very rarely. Why would people poison me and not others? I wear haShem's name in Hebrew in a necklace and in rings on my fingers, identifying with Israel which is the body of true believers who sing the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb, the Jewish Messiah Yahshua.
12. #9...Not the same....
Puss E Nibbler ,   NY US   (12.31.15)
Calamari is Squid...Octopus is usually referred to as Pulpo. If prepared properly, they are very tasty, but the texture might turn some people off.
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