New Druze town approved
Hila Tsion
Published: 05.01.16, 22:38
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1. What good can come from building separate Druze towns?
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.06.16)
What possible good could ever possibly result from building separate Druze towns? It will not make Druze better citizens. It will not improve security. It will do no good whatsoever. Virtually all of Israel's problems result from this idiotic habit of taking actions with enormous potential for harm and no potential for good.
2. Use Druish not Jewish? This will fool the Europeans....
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.06.16)
3. To Chaim
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (01.06.16)
Strangely, I have some sympathy with your view. The idea of segregated towns contributes little to society. The integration of Jews, Arabs, Druze, etc. is long overdue. That way people might really get to see each other as real human beings.
4. What good is separation?
Amos ,   Canada   (01.06.16)
What good will come from building ghettos? You would think we Jews would know better
5. to #1 Chaim
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.06.16)
we build it because.... that's what they want. When you pay their taxes for them, is when we will consider your opinion about where they should live. PS: they have strict rules about marrying with their own community. And, they probably consider you a barbarian because your community eats bread that was baked three weeks ago and stacked up on shelves in plastic bags.
6. You leftists...
Mickey Reston ,   Apache Junction USA   (01.06.16)
always find fault with everything Israel does. It's become automatic. And by all means never miss an opportunity to slander the country by throwing in the word "apartheid." Did you read the part that says this action is wanted and supported by the Druze themselves? They obviously see the benefits, and it is their viewpoint that matters. The Druze are a very close-knit community. What's wrong with preserving the traditions and distinctive character of the various ethnic and religious groups while at the same time promoting diversity on a national scale? Every country naturally gravitates towards this model (name one that is truly a "melting pot") - yet Israel is the only nation currently being accused of "apartheid."
7. One nation. one people. Nonjews separate but equal
8. Very magnanimous of isreal to give away Palestinian land.
James   (01.07.16)
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