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Shadow of anti-Semitism is stalking Europe again
Itamar Eichner and Rachel Cadars
Published: 12.01.16, 19:57
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1. If Israel was created on the basis of
Jerome ,   AKL   (01.12.16)
Never again, then show some Hutzpah and recall the ambassador to France until the French government does something drastic about it.
2. Europe is finished -soon to be
StephenInNewYork   (01.12.16)
a province of Syria.
3. So ,...
split ,...   (01.12.16)
You got Israel, so called Jewish state what's your problem? ,... Do some soul searching instead pointing a finger and blame others ,...
4. David Banny YES we can wera our kipa openly but not
shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.16)
without prejudice!!
5. Does a wife-beater ever change? Does Europe ever turns into
a Jew-loving continent? You answer it.
6. #4 exactly. People really judge me, many won't hire me in
Yoni ,   Tel Aviv   (01.13.16)
In Israel because I wear a kippah
7. Why is antisemitism growing?
James USA   (01.13.16)
Because of israeli apartheid. Unfortunately all jews are considered supporters and co conspirators with the criminal zionists. Delusional, israelis need to take over their blinders. The rest of the world isn't wrong.
8. #7 You're not the rest of the world
Benji ,   US   (01.14.16)
Just some idiot sitting in from of a computer. The left brain of split.
9. #7 it's growing because ynet says so. Jews don't have it as
Nancy Ginsberg ,   Monaco-Monte Carlo   (01.14.16)
Bad as a bunch of gutter tabloids report and love to write the same story again and again. Plus it's always the same "journalist" Itamar Eichner. Europe is a massive place, so any events in Latvia shouldn't can't really fall under same basket as something that happened in Portugal 3 years ago. I would certainly hate to walk around parts of the USA in jewish clothes, all the hillbillies will be out with pitchforks.
10. ynet, is my post censored?
C   (01.14.16)
11. #9 Troll
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