IDF readying itself for threat from ISIS in the Sinai
Matan Tzuri
Published: 13.01.16, 21:34
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1. If Israel will repent Gd will help them, otherwise forget it
2. israel has to be more daring
jay   (01.13.16)
the bar lev concept of fences is not a solution. bibi being fearful likes fences but it gives a false sense. idf should make arrangements with sissi to have right of passage to take care of elements before they reach the border. bibi and herzog both would not think of this because they are not fighters. anyone who is a fighter would understand that. So to say israeli finally is preparing is dumb and stupid. and if egypt refuses to give permission, israel can pressure egypt saying we gave you permission to cross into certain areas of the dmz, we have equal access for hot pursuit in the event of hostilities.
3. Sounds like a weak strategy to me.
Tel Aviv Tom ,   USA   (01.13.16)
Waiting for the threat? Bibi should act like Obama and start attacking, then again he is AKA chicken SHIT in Washington., however he will do everything in his power to stop the Iranian deal except striking at the Iranians that are funding Hezbollah the terrorist organization that is responsible for hundreds of Israeli deaths. Bibi has no balls.
4. Isis
Adam schift ,   Los Alamodome usa   (01.14.16)
Israel can prepare all it wantcuts to. They will never stop Isis and there will be blood running down the streets of Tel Aviv. The battle with Isys will be very costly in lives and resources.
5. Expect better results here. Lebanon's topography...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.14.16)
is one thing. The open desert of Sinai is another. Obviously the first choice would be to air drop the useless US President Obama onto the ISIS crowd. But that is not feasible. The Secret Service is sort of a joke these days but they probably would object to the Mossad carting off Mr. Obama to load onto a bomb... Anyway, carpet bomb those rag heads & then send in Sayeret Rimon to cleanup the mess. Pashut!
6. Most comments sound right out of a Hollywood "How we won the
Allah Blah-bar   (01.14.16)
Vietnam war" movie. Life just doesn't work this way. Israel's policy is work of a genius strategist and it shall be appreciated more with the passage of time. Stop these dumb "Bibi is a chickenshit/yellow"...whatnot. You degrade yourselves only!
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