El Salvador threatens to move its embassy to Ramallah
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.01.16, 16:59
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1. Idiocy
Jake ,   Haifa   (01.17.16)
They leave the Swedish and Irish embassies open and close this??!! Close those embassies to save money and kick their ambassadors out of Israel - they are hostile countries. This just shows this is about where foreign office staffers want to live, and it has nothing to do with foreign policy or effective use of funds.
2. the stupidos strike again
Raminga   (01.17.16)
R Israelis as stupid as da day is long? Discuss.
3. closeures
dan frank ,   montreal canada   (01.17.16)
The Israeli embassy in Sweden should close . Sweden's FM days may be numbered but what is more appalling is that the Swedish govt did not fire her, thus showing she represents her govt policy more than being on her own with her remarks .
4. close swedish embassy. keep others open.
ralph   (01.17.16)
5. Typical
Amos ,   Canada   (01.17.16)
Typical of Israel to antagonize its friends. The PR techniques of this government would make Satan jealous
6. y is the right afraid 2 take responsibility 4 it's actions
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (01.17.16)
why is it that every time they make an error it is always the fault of the left?
7. ... the good news of the Netanyahu govt just keeps coming
Rafi ,   US   (01.17.16)
8. Since we don't care enough about El Salvador we shouldn't
mind them moving to Ramallah.....or what?
9. Israel should know her friends..
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.17.16)
..and keep up the friendship, listen to objections.
10. Guns & Rosesl
tiki ,   belgium   (01.17.16)
Diplomacy & seems they never go together! Israel needs an embassy, diplomatic mission & diplomat in every town on the planet! Public relations are as important as weapons because with good public relations Israel might need less weapons.
11. Huge mistake by Israel
Conroy ,   Toronto   (01.17.16)
Saving a million dollars is chump change in the Israeli economy. Such moves will and already have caused major diplomatic damage that Israel cannot afford. The Finance ministry can find the money somewhere. Reverse your decision Israel, don't close any embassies!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (01.18.16)
Or needs El Salvador. Let them move there and enjoy it there. These guys are looking to get some Muslim money of their own. if El Salvador wants to live in ISIS then let them go. Actually, if they do this dumb move then WB has to fully allow Israelis to go there since they will need to apply for visa.
13. Insanity
Raoul Schur ,   Herzliya Israel   (01.18.16)
Breaking with a country that helped Israel into existence? This is insanity!
14. The real questions is... Pupusa or falafel? Which is better?
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.18.16)
15. He'll miss Tel Aviv !
RamallahHisPunishmnt ,   Jerusalem   (01.18.16)
16. The Foreign Ministry saves a million dollars a year by closi
Jason ,   Israel   (01.18.16)
I'm baffled by the ease in which editors drop strong opinions in news sections of the media. It is immoral and unprofessional.
17. Salvador Marxist Govt now is aligned with Israels enemies
Luis ,   L.A. USA   (07.01.16)
Many years ago the Israel/El Salvador ties were great. Salvadoran marxist leaders are predisposed to be against Israel and doubly so those of Arab Salvadoran origin. Israel must protect itself against those who wish ill to its very existance. G-d will not ever forsake Israel.
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