Terrorist who murdered Dafna Meir incited after watching Palestinian TV
Yoav Zitun
Published: 24.01.16, 17:23
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1. Is this news? Why would someone be surprised?
That's why TV / movies are outlawed by upstanding people.
2. the true 'circle of violence':
1.teen arab tries to kill jews and gets shot media portray assailant as innocent victim who would never try to kill anyone 3.another teen sees this, gets angry and wants 'revenge'. 4.go back to 1
3. Muslim at young age at the Strip,are bred to be terrorists..
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.25.16)
.. From the early stages/classes at the islamic strip, the are brainwashed from their teachers with hate and death, and told to die for the benefit of their devil. The world should remove, forcefully, all the kids below the age of 15 from the strip and reconfigure their brains. Only then the terror from the muslims will end A good country to send these kids is Jordan, a country specially made for muslims..
4. Kingdom, come,
US citizen ,   US   (01.25.16)
that murder/ humans killing humans, cease.
5. Committed the attack after 60 years of illegal occupation
American   (01.25.16)
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