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Satmar Rebbe: Settlers causing terrorism
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 11.03.16, 17:33
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1. Shalosh shavuot notwithstanding
Kenwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (03.12.16)
What did you think you were doing when you accepted your yoke and made mitsvoth your endeavor? You condemn those who actually perform the traditons of your forefather's in the land of your own name while you at best practice who knows what and committing fraud and who knows what willfully in the galut. And you dare to present yourself before your brothers and condemn them for their performance not practice, your brothers who lead their bride while you betray them and hinder the path of moschiach in their partnership with the creator while you exhibit a dysfunctional mode of hatred for your loving brother. Some bichur cholim you have for your injured brother in the land of your own name you stiff necked Yidiots. It is so wonderful to have another unassimilated group in the U.S. suckling at the trough of entitlements while they betray their brothers living mitsvoth ha erets to realize their morasha before it becomes Judenrein heaven forbid.
2. this rabbi an ignorant bs artist
jeff   (03.11.16)
3. Why
Sagi   (03.11.16)
is this abomination allowed to enter our country. Why is he allowed to incite. He should be immediately deported and his passport stamped Persona non Grata for eternity.
4. Why Does He Get a Visa?
Jake ,   Haifa   (03.11.16)
I can assure you, the US would not give a visa to anyone who was advocating that US citizens not serve in the armed forced and that denied the legitimacy of the US government. Why does Israel give this clown a visa. Deny him or any of his followers a visa. If he wants to send money to Israel, to his yeshivot, let him send it through the banking system.
5. satmar rebbe, secular left are all netura karata
6. Rabbi is in need of a mental health check.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.12.16)
7. Stop quoting this brain dead fool he has nothing to offer us
Ralph   (03.13.16)
8. First time
Eric ,   NYC   (03.13.16)
The first time there s a black coated one with a brain who sees the settlers as terrorists well done brother.
9. fool ! the USSA has appointed a President
Narbog Kunisti ,   Crimea   (03.13.16)
who hates and crushes its military, and a Sec of State who commited active treason against its military resulting in the death of tens of thpusands of US troops in VietNam thru Afghanistan. Viet Kong Kerry and Butcrak Marshal Dabis have Israel in the crosshairs.
10. Now we know what a perfect idiot's face looks like...
11. Whether you agree or disagree with his ideology
Howard K. ,   Israel   (03.13.16)
He's not saying anything different than many extreme leftist academicians or certain Arab MKs, who were elected to the Knesset. That which is not acceptable to call an Arab MK is acceptable to call a Jewish rabbi? If he doesn't interest you -- ignore him.
12. silver plated cane handle
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (03.13.16)
The Satmar rebbe might have a fancy silver cane handle to prove that he is a rebbe, but he certainly doesn't use the brain he was born with as much as the phony cane. Satmar is notorious for being anti-Israel and some even help Arabs. Why? Because they believe that they are so pure and good that G-d favors them. What they do not notice is that we are all G-d's children and He loves all of us, even those who put their live on the line for the rest of us by serving in the IDF and not just those who stuff their gut eating cholent and talking nasty talk about the rest of us low life slobs....
13. His ideology is corrupt
Danny Sykora ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.14.16)
Satmar still believes that the Holocaust was caused by Zionism. They say whatever suits their radical ideology. But it's very hurtful when your brothers blame you for people attacking you. Again blaming the victim because he is not religious the way they are. Sickening.
14. Meanwhile back at the ranch
Kenwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (03.17.16)
Throngs of FBI's best took a little look-see in the insular community of Kiryas Joel in Orange County, according to Something about fraud Aharon?
15. Yo Yo Saint Mary
Al Leahh ,   Har HaBayit   (03.17.16)
Why don't your live here and be free like me? Don't you see being in the galut is no way to be. And your free to come home so don't give us any of that stuff about the secular state won't let you be. But don't expect it to pay when there is no mana for free. You must have parnasa and fight for peace as your forefather's did, or do you disavow them too....
16. #8 eric and his new hero live in a grave.
Eliyahu ,   Holon   (03.17.16)
Sure eric, you don't have a clue. I wonder if this wingnut could even smell the fresh air here after living with all that stench of rotting bodies.
17. #1, Ken, time to come out of the grave.....
Eliyahu ,   Holon   (03.17.16)
Time to come home to the Land.
18. Oy vey !
Rafi ,   US   (03.17.16)
19. Does the Satmar Rebbe links with Hachem?
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (03.17.16)
The way the Rebbe speaks is the same way that some Rabbis have spoken through the ages : whenever something bad happens to Jews is not because the agressors are behaving badly but because Hachem wants to punish us for not following his dictates. I understand this reasoning but how does he know it is because of settlers? Maybe it is because of a lack of solidarity many orthodox communities show with their brethren of klal Israƫl. Does the Rebbe tell his followers to participate to the defense of the state of Israel? Does he tell his followers to reach out to those who are ignorant of Jewish traditions and laws and teach them? Maybe it's because of the lack of solidarity from the extreme fringe in the orthodox communities that Hachem is punishing us and not because of settlers. Maybe the holocaust happened because orthodox rabbies in Europe did not listen to the message brought by Herzl and not because of assimilation. My point is that I don't think anybody can affirm he understands Hachem's plans
20. #4: no visa needed
David ,   New york   (03.23.16)
Satmar rebbe is an American citizen. Can visit Israel without a visa Btw: you say that the U.S. won't allow entry to someone who doesn't like America. Do you have any basis for saying this, since in my experience anti-american beliefs are never a block to letting people into the country, or even to giving people full citizenship
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