Israel upgrades travel warning to Turkey following deadly bombing
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.03.16, 12:25
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1. turkey is an unreliable ally-erdogan vs ataturk
james   (03.20.16)
ataturk took turks kicking and screaming into the 20 the century. erdogan has taken them back to the 7th century. obama wiht his fealty to islam and his arabic background catered to erdogan. turkey is not a reliable ally and israel should entrust any of its key assets-military and energy to turkey who can turn on a dime. their history is replete with stabbings, assasins, cold blood betrayals. barak, eliezer and now bibi are shmucks to have pushed closer relations. bibi has no cahunas which is why he agreed to apologize. he is gutless and even afraid of livni. feiglin has more leadership in his finer than all of bibi. he is no meir dagan. find me one thing good that he did while as a commando-one notable achievement. I DOUBT that you will find one. and yet you want to vote for lapid- an idf media guy who never did combat; a kid who learned everyything from olmert,a crony of his dads who also pushed the gaza withdrawal onto sharon.lapid can try to convince israelis he is a centre politician-he is not-he is like herzong who would come down from the golan and give it to hezbollah. rather than critique only the politicans-iam going to critique you- you who vote for herzog and lapid.this is the kind of thinking that got 6 million killed-trust in others, don't defend yourselves...oh god will work it out for us. even now after 6 million are burned,a fter countless jews are mortally stabbed and shot and axed, you still react defensively go out and get your guns and shoot anything that moves in a threatening way. instead of gantz sanctionning eichner who he thought was too rough, he should confront terror. and the haredi, their leaders deserve a royal boot up the ass for fostering 500,000 submissive nerds. no one doubts the academic and spiritual achievements, but they not all, but too many of them appear submissive, defensive, pleading wth their attacker --pease don't hurt me. if krava maga could take a fat kid like ehud barak and turn him into a missile, the daily krava maga will forge stronger haredi which are badly needed, 500,000 of them and reduce the bully's appetite to attack jews. deri and the rabbis deserve severe santionning for what they havre done to our kids for centuries. the jews want to survive but they won't if they elect defensive leaders like lapid. jews have to go out and eliminate the hitlers, the husseinis, the hamasniks. yes the status quo is better than every state during peace talls when peace talks were foisted on israe but morons kerry and hussien obama. do yourselves a favour. vote for feiglin if he runs or bennett. forget about herzog and lvni, forget about lapid, forget about gal on, forget about arab list, forget about religiois parties.
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