Israel seeks to share hi-tech success with Arab sector
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Published: 26.03.16, 10:58
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1. MY ADVICE: Stop pushing it ! Nour Mahroum age 19 stated:
israeli   (03.26.16)
I want to learn because education is a powerful weapon TO CONTROL THE WORLD. Shouldn't she be thinking: education is important for me to improve my life ?
2. Don't educate your enemies !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.27.16)
3. That's the way. Teach our enemy to be better terrorists! eom
Simon ,   Sydney Australia   (03.27.16)
4. Arabs have benefited and still hated us
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.16)
We Jews came into the land about 100 years ago, gave employment to the Arabs. They have prospered more than the Arabs in other lands yet THEY STILL HATE US! So why do good for them? They only hate us more!
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