Shaked seeks to apply Israeli law on West Bank Jewish settlers
Tova Tsimuki
Published: 02.05.16, 13:44
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1. Make Sure You Understand
Ed ,   USA   (05.02.16)
Minister, Do this and Israel is annexing the WB and acquiring millions of Arab Citizens, or you are formally creating a real apartheid state. Sadly, I don't think Minister Shaked cares if it's apartheid or not. When will the citizens of Israel demand new elections?
2. Justice Minister Shaked's proposal
David Jonas Bardin ,   Washington, DC, USA   (05.02.16)
Under Shaked's proposal that Israeli law govern Jewish Israelis living in Samaria and Judea areas administered by the GOC, what law would govern the following people living in those areas: 1) An Arab citizen of Israel? 2) An Israeli citizen whose conversion to Judaism the Interior Ministry does not recognize? 3) A Reform Jew who is not a citizen of Israrl? 4) A Hareidi Jew who is not a citizen of Israrl?
3. to the commentators in the FB section
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (05.02.16)
I am exhausted with your complaining! You all have: private bypass roads which we the Israeli taxpayer paid for personalized security services provided by the Israel Defense Force large homes on huge plots of land that are fully subsidized by the Israeli taxpayer and still you have the courage to complain!? goodness...well I never! Shame on you for dressing your discriminatory prejudicial practices in the dressing of victimized underlings...really you are nothing but freeloaders who will never be satisfied until the State of Israel is blown to Kingdom Come!
4. no worries let's just add another million & half non-Jews
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (05.02.16)
to the election roasters! Minister of Justice Ms. Shaked won't be happy until she's completely destroyed Israel
les ,   canada   (05.02.16)
thank you minister Shaked! and (in the not too distant) FUTURE PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL!
6. What and spoil all the fun?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.02.16)
next step war.....
7. maybe just anex the WB?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (05.02.16)
I think it would be better to anex the West Bank and kick out the trouble makers. But the political reality really won't allow for it.
8. Bravo Shaked. What a fabulous improvement over Livni!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.02.16)
Judea and Samaria are an integral and permanent part of Israel. There should be no differences between their rights and those of any other Israeli. Bravo M.K. Shaked. What a fabulous incredible improvement over former Justice Minister Livni! Wonderful things happen when Israel is led by patriots. Imagine if all the destructive leftists in Israel's security, military and judicial establishments were replaced by patriots!
9. Status of setters
American Christian   (05.02.16)
Criminal, invaders, thieves and murders. In other words "good zionists" “[Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, a Gush Emunim leader] explains that while God requires other, normal nations to abide by abstract codes of "justice and righteousness," such laws do not apply to Jews."
FO ,   Belgium   (05.02.16)
An interview late PM Rabin gave to the Belgian TV. Interviewer: "do you consider the creation of a separate Palestinian State possible, and should Israel eventually start negotiations with the PLO?" Y. Rabin: "the so-called PLO will never be part for negotiations. It does not mean that Israel does not see that there is a Palestinian issue. We believe that the Palestinian issue can and should be solved in a context of peace that will be negotiated between Israel and Jordan. With Jordan we have got borders, south of the Dead Sea, till the Golf of Aqaba, north of the West Bank, along the Beit Shean Valley and the Jordan Valley. Therefore, in a solution, peace solution between Jordan and Israel, I believe that the Palestinian issue can be solved in a way that the Palestinians will find their right to express their special identity, but, it will never be through the so-called PLO or through a third independent state. Because a third independent state between Jordan and Israel cannot solve the Palestinian issue and will serve as a time bomb against Jordan as well as against Israel." As you see dear Leftists, late PM Rabin was even more Right-Wing extremist that the actual Justice Minister A. Shaked! Do you still hang on to your chairs?
11. @10 wow! & America was discovered by the Vikings?
Panic in Needle Park ,   Needle Park   (05.02.16)
no, the Indians got there first! rest it we know who Prime Minister Mr. Rabin was.
12. lol! #10 u do realize that by doing this the right is...
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (05.02.16)
supporting the Oslo Accords. Yes, yes, look it up in the Hebrew media (you speak & read Hebrew right?) in Hebrew Minister of Justice Ms. Shaked uses the expression "Azor C" (Area C) this is a direct reference to the Oslo there you are...the hard harsh right is supporting Oslo!
13.  Israel in the self-preservation mode
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.03.16)
Finally !
14. #10 think carefully
Ed ,   USA   (05.03.16)
You quote Rabin but you don't share the date and context of the quote. Rabin realized there is no future in occupation and signed Oslo. Quotes can be found from Sadat that the Jews should be pushed into the sea then he came round and signed a treaty that endures till today. Sharon was a hard line right winger till he realized that this is a dead end and left Likud to try another path. Netanyahu pretended to be for two states a Bar Ilan so he could get everyone off his back for a decade of settlement expansion he hoped no one would notice. No quote is meaningful unless a date and context is provided.
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