Farewells to Moshe Ya'alon
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.05.16, 13:19
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1. What's REALLY happening is that we're(finally) losing the
dangerous, cancerous Leftist growths that have permeated our political bodies for decades regardless of the Rightist governments that came & went. Now the Lunatics begin to realize it and boy: are they getting pissed off! Now they will have to "change the People/Am Yisruel" I guess!
2. He lost his respect of the people
EGOlackOfJudgement ,   Jerusalem   (05.20.16)
At a time when 86 year old Holocasut survivors were being stabbed when Jewish mothers fear for their children in the streets Ayalon decided that was the time to kick the nation when it was down and on all fours shame on him he has lost the respect of the majority of the nation , no doubt he will be a hero in Tel Aviv Savion etc but will sadly only be remembered that he was led by his EGO to run and desert , this is no less of a desertion than in the army shame on him , maybe he was afraid he wouldn't be able to travel the world without opposition when he retired that is also a possibility whatever he disappointed.
3. Livni did two good things for Israel; both by accident..
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.20.16)
Bogie had his plusses and minuses. However, Livni is another story. There are only two good things Livni has ever done for Israel, and both were completely accidental. 1. She destroyed the despicable, corrupt Kadima Party. 2. She helped destroy Herzog's bid to be P.M. She is probably destroying the horrible "Zionist Union" right now. That would make her third huge, but accidental, contribution to Israel.
4. stop crying for yaalon
beryl   (05.20.16)
ehud barak of all people who yaalon opposed on his concessions, on his iran hit plan and other projects joins the fray tobash lieberman and talb about onset of facism. as yvet aptly pointed out, barak was a disaster leaving bombs exploding everytwhere in response to which he hit empty fields. then he underequipped israeli commandos who were nearly killed because barak did not an adequately aggresive plan. so we are all glad to have gotten rid of barak who was next to useless. yaalon was better but did not do the job in gaza and you will see that in the shapira report. yalon made the misttakke of attaching himself to bibi wh o is not really a fighter on the batttlefield regardless of his resume. lieberman may turn out to be very good at defense as he is cool, can take casualites and will go for the throat and you need that in the defense minnister. barak and yaalon tohgehre did not go for the throat. and the environment has seen a daily drip of israelis beingbutchered. skipping politics, general galant has now joined the security cabinest and he knows a thng or two. what you do not want to do is tobring herzog. that would be a huge mistake. it is like bringing in olmert with his concessisons. ask 1 million southerners what they think of olmert and herzog s peretz and halutz???!!
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