Netanyahu says willing to discuss Arab initiative for peace with Palestinians
Published: 31.05.16, 08:34
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1. Does he really have to make these funny sounds knowing well,
that Arabs won't agree on the basic red lines we (still) present?! What if they suddenly say "Yes" -What do they really care about a "piece of paper in my hand", when against worthless, Muslim signature they'll get additional land & exquisite position from which they'll be able to "finish the Job"?! Beats me....
2. Idiots never learn,Initiative=deluging Israel with pals
ab   (05.31.16)
Even discussing it is idiotic and raises hopes of arabs Israel is going to commit suicide
3. he stepped on the scorpion
C   (05.31.16)
it is preferable to step on the scorpion rather than be swallowed whole by the anacoda.
4. Unlikely
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.31.16)
It is unlikely that Saudi and the Gulf States will talk before Netanyahu shows he is serious by making a deal with the Palestinian people. Netanyahu has a history of smoke and mirrors. Maybe he could start by publishing a map of his proposed borders and where the IDF will be relocated to after withdrawing .
5. Germany and Japan are examples
Zola   (05.31.16)
Germany and Japan have self Defense Forces a result of their horrific war crimes in WW2 . Unnecessary Cruelty and Mass Murder and Torture . The USA and USSR and the U.K. By no means innocent of war crime acts themselves imposed necessary Security Protocols . So The Israeli leaders will demand Security Protocols that the Palestinians are enmasse are likely to reject . The protection needed in the Jordan Valley for example . Aband of supra demilitarisation in Israels Centre . The Palestinians will have to realise this is for them a chance for a Islamic Human Rights Democracy State a State in Progress with time like all World States .
6. Israeli victory is only path to peace
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.31.16)
Whenever Israel engages in "peace talks with Palestinians" Israeli Jews get maimed and murdered by the thousands. The intent of the talks is to turn Israel into a defenseless 9 mile wide concentration camp, deluged with hostile "Palestinians". Israeli victory is the only path to peace. Israel need merely end the flow of mad Israeli support to fictional "Palestine" and let the evil abomination fall.
7. What Peace?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.31.16)
Yet again both Palestinians and Israelis are fed a diet of glib, silver spoon prattle by both Netanyahu, Abbas and Haniyeh/Mashaal and NO CREDIBLE PLAN! We all know that no amount of good intention can get away from one cold fact That a Palestine in two enclaves in the West Bank and Gaza WILL NOT WORK We have got to find a way that creates ONE CONTIGUOUS Palestine State that UNIFIES ALL Palestinians And yet …….the plan was already developed by Palestinians in 1999! A SINGLE CONTIGUOUS Palestine potentially larger than Lebanon created from an expanded Gaza formed from land exchanges of West Bank for parts of Negev and possible land purchases from Egyptian Sinai ONE border ONE State ONE People The GEOGRAPHY makes sense The HISTORY makes sense The STRATEGY makes sense As for the ECONOMICS it would be TRANSFORMATIVE
8. 4 Mark
C   (05.31.16)
netanyahu is one of the most brilliant prime ministers of the state of israel. he will never publish maps of what israel would accept as her borders in the future. the conflict, which is religious in nature, will be solved, if ever, only when the muslims will acknowledge jewish connections and historical rights to the land of israel and the historical existence of the two jewish temples. as long as the muslims lay religious claims to the land of israel, and claim the land of israel through the right of conquest and religious supremacy, there cannot be peace.
9. 8 - No Point C
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.01.16)
Netanyahu is a used car salesman in white shoes and polyester double knits. The world knows him. If he cannot put a proposal on the table, he will never risk the wrath of his own extremists to actually make a peace deal that could be ratified. His past claims precede him. Israeli and Palestinian law REQUIRE that ratification be by plebiscite.
10. Support
Motaz omar wishah ,   Israel   (06.01.16)
I am with binyemen netenaho why? Cus he is one of the best leadr in the world
11. Ali Akbar Alikhani, visiting scholar at Harvard
C   (06.02.16)
ali akbar alikhani, professor at tehran university and supporter of the shia terror regime is currently a visiting scholar at harvard university. harvard refuses to comment. it is obvious that many among western elites have embraced the shia terror regime just as in the past they had embraced the soviet union and its gulags. furthermore, the average person, even among the educated classes, is not informed of this trend.
12. 9 Mark
C   (06.02.16)
your ad hominems will not give the arab palestinians a state. netanyahu has no reason to put out his red llines in public. i stand by my previous post.
13. bibi and his wife
jay   (06.03.16)
worker/s were paid some fines related to some rulings that sara netanyahu abused them. THIS is no surprise to me. as for bibi, he is totally full of cowardice, in themilitary sperhe and politically. he has no self respect in that he fired livni not face to face, yet now petitons her to join the coalition because he is afraid of obama efforts at sanctionnning israel. bibi is scared period and does not desever to be pm as his father clearly said. herzog and livni andkahlon, no nothings in security all 3 of them.
14. "Palestinian borders have to be impossed by the world
A ,   Belgium   (06.03.16)
powerful states." And which sovereign state is going to "imposs" (another foreigner illegally impersonating an American) borders on another sovereign state, the good ol' U.S. of A, which justifies the killing of civilians, including 2 pregnant women, and the bombing of hospitals in Afghanistan? Cameron, who faces a defeat in the Brexit vote? Hollande, whose country is crippled by strikes and violent demonstrations, Merkel, who has to deal with the islamization of Germany, or Putin, who could care less about "palestinians"? So who is going to do it, brainless bumpkin Neale?
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