Molotov cocktails thrown at Jerusalem house
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 17.06.16, 15:19
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1. leiberman more decisive than yaalon
ed   (06.17.16)
leiberman is not one to mess around with and the arabs know it. they will try him but pay for it. arabs had no fear of barak, yaalon and bibi. they are scared of putin . so leiberman makes them feel insecure/ herzog they would love to be pm. israaelis blood would flow like a river he is so weak.
2. Veteran residents look on in horror
Thrown2TheDogs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.17.16)
veteran residents of Armon Hanziv of all the different Jewish communities from veterans Israelis to Holocaust Survivors look on in abject horror from behind locked doors as they know the government has deserted them and they are on their own, no roadblocks as in the article a few tornadoes set up with huge gaps Arabs drive right through them no soldiers on duty there either despite their being a Border Patrol Base called of all things "OZ" Strength nothing but a joke to the horrified traumatized residents of this neighborhood
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