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The violinist-optimist
Tzipi Shmilovitz
Published: 17.06.16, 23:51
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1. How can anyone give a multimillionaire a $1M prize?Meshugah+
Alan ,   SA   (06.18.16)
2. Y. Perlman's a great guy, widely loved in America.
Rafi ,   US   (06.18.16)
A real mensch who's a credit to his people...
3. He's a musical genius,period. Still it doesn't automatically
grant him wisdom in the political or social sphere of life and that is all right , I guess. He's entitled to opinions like all of us. Unfortunately his voice carries much farther than mine....
4. Talent 100% Common Sense 0
1MoConfused"Liberal" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.18.16)
5. If Perlman et al don't care for the common decency of No. Ca
Oscar Levant ,   Beverly"Hills, CA US   (06.19.16)
I wonder what he and others would think of the decency shown to lgbt in ayroub imperialized lands from the Atlantic to the Indian sub continent, the folks in the ayroub peninsula itself and by extension the ayroub values canonicalized in Muslim laws in Indonesia, Thailand etc? Surely when it comes to indecency the greatest one is condemning places like North Carolina in preserving common decency and individuals ideal privacy rather than condemning the genocidal mass murdering cannibalistic extortionists who should have their right of return enforced back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name. Watch out for those being thrown off the roofs by the over compensating paedophiles.
6. At least he's not as afflicted as that creep Barenboim!
7. They awarded arafat, a multi millionaire
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.19.16)
the same prize and, also obama, under whose dubious 'leadership, has had more wars and blood shed than in the term of any other POTUS. call it 'luck' for a lack of a better term.
8. Shut up and play!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.19.16)
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