El Al comes last in punctuality
Danny Sadeh
Published: 13.07.16, 17:45
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1. Of Course
Marty ,   Toronto   (07.13.16)
EL AL - Every Landing Always Late got their nickname for a reason.
2. EL AL is the crappiest airline EVER
Italian in Israel ,   North Israel   (07.13.16)
3. #2, well that's your opinion. I think it's the best airline.
Jake   (07.14.16)
4. So what's new about that?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.14.16)
It's always been: Every Landing Always Late.

El Al has other advantages - and other disadvantages as well.
Choose it or don't for other reasons.
5. and no 1 for safety!
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (07.14.16)
personnally, i fly el al every chance i get when i have to travel. the home like feeling, madness of fellow travellers packing 100 kilos into 2 kilo baggage spaces, edible kosher food, nice and tolerant dayelot... not to mention it's about as safe as things are likely to get off the ground. as for late, please, try china air and other assorted airlines.... and at least el al's not chintzy about food ....
6. Probably reason for El Al being late!
Margie Atwater ,   United States   (07.15.16)
Too many Orthodox men who have hissy fits if they are randomly assigned to sit next to a woman! If he doesn't like where he is seated, let him get off the plane so they can be on their way!!!!!!!
7. Every Landing Always Late!
tiki ,   Belgium   (07.15.16)
Always was and probably always will know you are in safe hands with EL AL staff who knows what to do under all circumstances.

So if a have the choice of flying EL AL or another airline (approx. same price)
I will always choose EL AL and so should we all!
8. I woke up just before landing
Bracha Meyerowitcz ,   Los Angeles   (07.15.16)
I woke up just before landing and looked at my watch, the flight was arriving a half hour early. I got on my feet and praised the crew, praised ElAl, and the flight attendant harshly scolded me, told me to sit down and shut up, the plane was twenty three and a half hours late and the didn't want to call attention to that.
9. Does El Al still exist?
Tomer ,   tel aviv   (07.17.16)
I have not flown with them for 15 years. They are always late, have bad food, no legroom, poor service, rude flight attendants, too expensive, old rotten aircraft that always break down. There is big likelihood that your baggage will be lost upon your arrival. Its amazing that this drek company still survives.
10. EL AL is the safest of airlines to me. No Muslim pilots
Rivkah   (08.01.16)
have flown EL AL planes into the sea, screaming Allah Akbar. No EL AL planes have been shot down by SAM's since there is a million dollar missile defense system on each EL AL plane. I am glad to wait and be safer on EL AL.
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