Jerusalem's mayor won't attend pride march to avoid 'harm' to religious public
Telem Yahav
Published: 20.07.16, 09:00
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1. Barkat
Philip ,   northern Israel   (07.20.16)
This guy is so transparent, just crawling on his belly to get the future votes, no courage whatsoever. After all he is the representative of all the citizens of Jerusalem. In addition if there is a god , how in the devil did he allow gays and lesbians to come into this they are also his creations. So stop the bullshit Barkat, we see straight through you, coward that you are.
2. Bravo to Nir Barkat
Shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.16)
For finally having the maturity to realize there are 2 sides to every story and for acting accordingly to this realization. As for Phillip from the north and those who are as narcissistically inclined, some inner reflection as to what pushes their buttons when a level headed decision goes against their hearts and agendas,is in order.
3. Personal choice is not our business
Ilan   (07.20.16)
What someone decides to do, as long as it does not harm others, is not open to either our disapproval or approval. Live and let live.
4. Just for the record
Sagi   (07.20.16)
Gay people marching are not an affront to me.
Religious nutjobs with long black beards are an affront to me, whether marching or not.
5. Barkat is hypocritical
Colin ,   Raanana   (07.20.16)
How hypocritical of Barkat not to join the LGBT march!
I bet he does not fail to join any celebration or parade in the future, for fear of offending the supporters of the Jerusalem Pride Parade who are also his citizens.
6. Religious have the same % of homosexuals as seculars.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.20.16)
7. Shame on You
Arielush ,   Mevo Hama   (07.20.16)
Nir Barkat should be ashamed of himself. He is a mayor of all the people not just the Haridiim and the religious. He should go out and show his support especially after what happened last year.
8. Coward who condones persecution of gays
Laila ,   Montreal   (07.20.16)
Coward who condones persecution of Gays.

Makes Israel looks regressive and intolerant.
9. Your wrong
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.16)
First get the facts straight, two guys engaging in sex like a man and woman is against chalcha, but two men being together is not.
Why does everyone presume sex is involved, oral sex is permitted and thats fun to.
So Mr Barkat come to the march and tell the facts.
10. On tolerance and other coersions.
Roberto Feldmann ,   Santiago de Chile.   (07.21.16)
On the LGBTQ Pride Parade in Jerusalem Today:

With all my love and sorroy for Shira Banki, Z.L.,
and my utmost, absolute condemnation of her murderer,

Anybody with the slightest digression or dissent about the sacrosanct notion that LGBTQ community requires the dubious virtue of "pride", and who, with a loving, welcoming, empathetic heart, disagrees with even the minutest aspect of a boringly habitual carnival, or finds its absolutist sumum bonum premise misguided, is explicitly equated with the likes of Levinstein, Schlissel -imach shemo- or the latest villain, Nir Barkat.

LGBTQ activism has become Soviet style absolutism. You either enthusiastically applaud, or you will fall from grace, and will soon find you are no longer welcome in the party -in the double sense of the word-.

The fear and adulation that it generates are a mix of emotions and rationalizations, the calculation of being effusively queerily correct, so as to keep being part of a society which, regarding the LGBTQ community, has lost nuance, a capacity to listen, and self-criticism, not only the right to speak and the freedom to choose whether to attend.

It's using sweet, wonderful Shira Banki Z.L. as a martyr of the cause -she is, no doubt about it-, but used therefore as a shield of immunity against any dissent, affirming intolerance of nuance, Miss Universe facile clich├ęs of "tolerance" and its Soviet-style extorsion to applaud. This is fascism, just like the national-religious one and the leftist pro-Palestinian one. It may be coated in sweet Shira posters and rainbow flags, but is as inquisitorial as Pravda.
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