Terrorist who murdered Rabbi Miki Mark killed in overnight raid
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 27.07.16, 09:48
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1. All of them must be executed in cold blood
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.27.16)
and extended families deported to Arabia
2. Who lets them GO
Baruch ,   Modiin   (07.27.16)
who let him out of prison - Bibi and the Likud again ?
3. Tzahal, excellent job
C   (07.27.16)
all islamic terrorists must be eliminated. these islamic terrorists assassinate innocents, including children. they are enemies of the jewish state. in a war, the enemies need to be eliminated until they sue for peace. today the west is appeasing mortal enemies. this appeasement policy costs the lives of many citizens of western countries. there was a time when the west could name and fight the enemy until total victory. israel cannot follow the lead of the obama regime and other western leaders. israel has the sacred obligation to defend its people against murderous islamic terrorists. never again can an israeli prime minister allow an obama to blackmail him to release a hundred convicted mass murderers for the pleasure of talking to abbas. israel must retain her sovereignty. pm netanyahu is right to pursue diplomatic relations with countries in africa and asia. we see that the united states is falling appart under the leadership of the democratic party. this is no longer the party of roosewelt, truman, kennedy or johnson. this is the party of a marxist community organiser with islamist sympathies.
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